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Berlin wins the Vienna IV 2012

From March 9 to 11 Debattierklub Wien hosted the Vienna IV for the second time since it’s inception. 50 teams competed in 6 British Parliamentary rounds on Friday and Saturday. The tournament was chief adjudicated by Maja Cimerman, Mark Manson and Michael Shapira. The Semi and Final debates were held in the festive location of the University of Vienna on Sunday March 11.

Patrick Ehmann and John Tomas Eltringham from Berlin A won the Vienna IV speaking from closing proposition on the motion “Given the technology for a full-term pregnancy in an incubator, THB humanity should seek to abolish natural pregnancy”. Berlin A defeated on a 3 to 4 split decision Lukas Haffert and Veronique Lorenz from Tilbury House B; Fabian Farkas and Lyuba Ilieva from Tilbury House East and Arielle Dundas and Tomas Beerthuis from the University of Utrecht. Congratulations to Partick Ehmann for topping the tab.

Patrick Ehmann, John-Thomas Eltringham, (Berlin A) Lukas Haffert, Veronique Lorenz (Tilbury House B), Tomas Beerthuis, Arielle Dundas (Utrecht He's Just Not That Into Her), Fabian Farkas, Lyuba Ilieva (Tilbury House East)John-Thomas Eltringham, Patrick Ehmann,  (Berlin A) Lukas Haffert, Veronique Lorenz (Tilbury House B), Tomas Beerthuis, Arielle Dundas (Utrecht He’s Just Not That Into Her), Lyuba Ilieva, Fabian Farkas (Tilbury House East) [from left to right]

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Vienna IV – the full story


3 days, 1 goal: debate, debate, debate!

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Colgate wins Vienna IV 2011!


The first Vienna IV has taken place: The  Winners are Austin Schwartz and Travis Steele from Team Colgate Extra White , who competed on 6th March at the Großer Festsaal of University of Vienna against Teams from Germany, Turkey and Serbia. Congratulation!
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Good Morning Africa! World Universities Debating Championships in Botswana 2011

Good morning Africa!

Botswana is big. It has about the same size as France but is inhabited by only two million people. In 1985 the life expectancy of the Botswana was well above 60 years. Today, with every fourth person being infected with HIV it has dropped to below 40. It was one of the poorest countries in Africa when it gained independence from the British in 1966, today it ranks with members of the European Union like Lithuania, Bulgaria or Croatia. Continue reading

Red Sea Open: Alles Inklusive Debattieren

“Beautiful hotel accommodation, five minutes from the beach, full board residential, free alcohol”, das klingt vielleicht nach Ferien und Party jedoch nicht unbedingt nach universitären Wortgefechten. Aber wenn solche Zeilen auf der Website eines Debattierturnieres stehen, dann kommt man auch als Debattant recht schnell auf die Idee, dort hinzufahren. Wir kamen zurück mit folgender Erkenntnis: selber schuld wer nicht dort war, denn die Red Sea Open konnten einiges bieten, sodass es sich definitiv auszahlte, nach Eilat in Israel zu kommen, auch wenn es dort im August wirklich sehr heiß ist.

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The All-Inclusive Tournament, Red Sea Open (English Version)

Beautiful hotel accommodation, five minutes from the beach, full board residential, free alcohol – sounds good for all-inclusive-party-vacations but for debaters its even more important that it includes a tournament. Furthermore the Red Sea Open brought up a lot of other reasons to go to Eilat, Israel, even though it is damn hot there.

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