Colgate wins Vienna IV 2011!

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By Vienna’s International Society

March 6, 2011


The first Vienna IV has taken place: The  Winners are Austin Schwartz and Travis Steele from Team Colgate Extra White , who competed on 6th March at the Großer Festsaal of University of Vienna against Teams from Germany, Turkey and Serbia. Congratulation!

The teams:

  • Colgate Extra White (Opening Government): Austin Schwartz, Travis Steele
  • Galatasaray Ottomans (Opening Opposition): Engin Arıkan, Denizhan Kılıç
  • Heidelberg Early Blossom (Closing Government): Jan Lüken, Marcus Ewald
  • Belgrade Tik Tok (Closing Opposition): Goran Jankuloski, Tijana Mijalković


The motion:
This house believes that parties’ electoral campaigns should only be funded by the state.


The Winners of Vienna IV 2011: Austin Schwartz & Travis Steele from Team Colgate Extra White


Chief Adjudicators were Isabelle Loewe (Debattierclub Bonn), Manos Moschopoulos (Athens) and Maja Cimerman (Ljubljana).

The adjudication panel joined furthermore:

–          Michael Shapira (Haifa)
–          Leonhard Weese (Debattierklub Wien)
–          Gudrun Lux (Debattierclub Bonn)
–          Filip Muki Dobranic (Ljubljana)

We thank our great adjudicators for their efforts and also the debaters for providing a high quality debate at this final.

Thanks to everyone that helped, contributed and came to participate at Vienna IV 2011!

To watch the recorded Finals, click this.
To see the Speaker tab, click that.
To see the Team Tab, click the other.

Pictures can be looked at here.



Winner Announcement:

See you next year at Vienna IV 2012!!

P.s. more reports or photos will follow here soon.


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