DK Wien at EUDC 2023

DK Wien at Black Sea EUDC 2023 Almost all of the gang enjoying the closing ceremony It’s that time of year again! Or, well, a little later than usual, but still: At the end of August, we sent 4 teams and 5 judges over to Burgas in Bulgaria for the Black Sea European Universities Debating […]

Trinity WGM and IV 2023 – great to be back!

After attending and crushing last year’s iteration from the comfort of Vienna, it was finally time for the long awaited return to Dublin for a weekend of two comps – Trinity WGM (Women and Gender Minorities) Open and Trinity IV 2023…

Jackpot from afar: Trinity IV 2022

As much as we miss debating in person, online tournaments do have the upshots of massively reducing travel time. So, instead of flying to Dublin for the Trinity Intervarsity tournament this February, we all met up at the WU campus here in Vienna – thanks again for the rooms, Regis! There, we ate a dubiously […]

DK Wien gewinnt Transrapid Turnier 2018

Erstmals in der Geschichte konnte der DK Wien mit Natalija Ljubic und Marina Kojic (Team JugÖ Invasion) den Sieg am 4. Transrapid Turnier in München erringen. Insgesamt war der Klub mit 9 Redner*innen und 5 Juror*innen am Turnier vertreten.   Das Turnier Da das ein oder andere Mitglied die Ernsthaftigkeit von Passkontrollen marginal unterschätzt und dementsprechende […]

Two Teams – Two Finals: Utrecht Open 2018

At this year’s UCU Open in Utrecht, three members of DKWien were part of two amazingly successful teams. One was a mixed team: Miri Muntean from DKWien and George Hames, former Oxford Union debater. The other one was composed of the two freshers Marina Kojic and Natalija Ljubic, who only started debating this season. At […]

DKWien goes East: Pro-Am success in Sofia 2018

Another great Pro-am Team, Miri Muntean and Marina Kojic, helped to kick off DKWiens Debating season 2018/19 with an incredible success at the Sofia Open. They did however not only do an amazing job as a team, as a quick look at the tab – or better – Marinas memories below reveal. Participating in a […]