Trinity WGM and IV 2023 - great to be back!

Our Trinity delegation, serious as ever

After attending and crushing last year’s iteration from the comfort of Vienna, it was finally time for the long awaited return to Dublin for a weekend of two comps – Trinity WGM (Women and Gender Minorities) Open and Trinity IV 2023. Some constants of debating do carry over from online to in person – like living mostly off of pizza and listening to the hottest meme songs while awating motion releases. Still, nothing can quite beat the classic Irish hospitality welcoming us back in Dublin this February.

The winners of Trinity WGM, Paula and Martha

Amazingly, our success rate also managed to carry over from last year – [takes a deep breath] here we go: Congrats to…

  • … Paula and Martha (TCD Hist) for winning the Trinity WGM Open Final
  • … Victor and Marina as well as Paula and Mira for breaking to Open Quarters at Trinity IV, perfectly in accordance with some of the flight plans back home
  • … all four being in the Top 10 ESL speakers…
  • … Kat, in an open Team with Emery, for getting all the way to Open Semis and only narrowly missing the Open Final, as well as being the second best speaker at Trinity IV…
  • … and, last but not least, Anna for her judge break and panelling an Open Semifinal!

If you’re curious about stats, motions and all that jazz, you can peruse the tab here.