Fresher training in Summer 2023

New term, new us, new batch of trainings! If you’re looking for something to do to escape the warmth of the summer months, joining us might be just the thing for you!

Debate Trainings for the 2022 winter term

With the weather having switched from warm to frisky, it’s time for our trainings to come back from summer break! If you want to try out something new this term, our Fresher trainings might be just the thing for you: On Wednesday, October 12, at 7pm, we’ll start off with a kick-off event where we’ll […]

Summer Debate Training 2017

Join us this Summer Even in Summer the Debattierklub Wien continues its Training.  There will be Training Debates for all interested on Wednesday. Additionally there will be special Training for the people going to EUDC 2017 (European Championships). During the summer holidays there will be no German Training on Mondays. You can find us Wednesdays […]

Battle for Belgrade – The Chips Are Down!

For the first time since its inception Debattierklub Wien had more teams applying for a Championship then there were slots available. Five teams competed for 3 slots, all of them had their merits and none of us knew how to settle that. Hence we decided to run the EUDC trials and find it out the […]

3. Wiener Debattierseminar

In den kommenden Semesterferien finden nicht nur die wöchentlichen Debatten wie normal statt, der Debattierklub Wien bietet zudem allen Interessierten am 17. Februar um 16:00 Uhr ein Seminar an. Es richtet sich besonders an Schüler und Studenten in den frühen Semestern und behandelt das Format OPD. Es wird aber auch ein Seminar für Fortgeschrittene des […]

Vienna Debating Workshop

This House Will Learn! The best occasion to do so: The Vienna Debating Workshop and Tournament on June 12 and 13 2010. Speaker of the House, Ladies and Gentlemen! We, the debaters, hold this truth to be self-evident, that debating is awesome. It would be foolish not to learn, and foolish not to listen to […]