Debate Trainings for the 2022 winter term

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By Vienna’s International Society

September 24, 2022

With the weather having switched from warm to frisky, it’s time for our trainings to come back from summer break! If you want to try out something new this term, our Fresher trainings might be just the thing for you:

On Wednesday, October 12, at 7pm, we’ll start off with a kick-off event where we’ll introduce you to debating itself and where you can get to know us. It will take place in room 2.01 in the TC building at the WU campus and will be in English.

In the following weeks, we’ll gradually ease you into debating with our weekly Beginners’ training sessions – a program we’ve (mostly) optimized over the last few terms to give you the best introduction we can offer! Here, you’ll learn how to construct arguments, rebutt your opponents’ points and present yours effectively.

German Beginners’ training takes place every Monday at 7pm (starting October 17), and English training every Wednesday at 7pm (starting October 19), both in TC 5.14 at the WU campus.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to every session – even if they’re best experienced in full, they’re mostly self-contained! You also don’t have to be a student or prepare anything specific – just bring yourself (and ideally pen and paper)!

Intrigued? Great! Feel free to sign up here to tell us you’re coming – it’s also not mandatory, but we appreciate it!
If you have any further questions, send us an email at or ask some of the nice people over on our Discord server.

See you soon!


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