Paris: Ham and Cheese. Also, Wine.

Five ambitious debaters, one car, and one destination: Paris! Read Andreas Villarreal’s impressions about the Paris Open 2013. There are moments in a debating career where you’re reminded that debating goes far beyond being in a room and joining three other teams in hamming it up for seven minutes (though it is most definitely a […]

Paris IV – Wine, cheese and a lot of debating!

I really can’t explain why so many of us Viennese people wanted to go to Paris IV. Maybe, it was because of the promised wine and cheese, the good adjudicators or just because it’s Paris. Maybe also because it is one of the rare situations where you will get to hear the Frenchmen speaking English. […]

How can you miss Paris? – Paris IV

Paris IV - Team DK Wien - Rosi Halmi, Stefan Zweiker

Das vergangene Wochenende verbrachten Rosie und Stefan Zweiker in Paris, um dort die Reihe internationaler Turnierteilnahmen für sie selbst und den Debattierklub Wien beim Paris IV fortzusetzen. Nach seiner Rückkehr hat Stefan für uns folgenden Bericht über dieses Intervarsity-Turnier geschrieben: