Bright Sunshine over Manchester EUDC 2013

DKWien’s ‘Contingent of Bright Sunshine’ broke a team and an adjudicator at the European University Debate Championships 2013 in Manchester. Hereby the Mission to Break is finally accomplished and DKWien enters the league of institutions that break teams at the Championships. Read below for what this means. The author apologises for all football references in […]

We’ll be back – Stockholm IV 2013

Sweden is definitely to be reckoned with in debating. If SSE breaking 2nd at Vienna IV 2012 should not be evidence enough, Lund graciously won this year’s Jacobs Open in Bremen in April. And now they have proven that they are most apt too in converting their renowned hospitality into a great tournament, the Stockholm […]

Wien gewinnt Süddeutsche Meisterschaft 2013

Der Debattierklub Wien hat die Süddeutsche Meisterschaft in Ingolstadt, Bayern gewonnen. Das Team Doppler Kas Watschn bestehend aus Mark Etzel, Jakob Reiter und Christoph Jäger war bereits nach den Vorrunden das Team mit den meisten Punkten. Im Halbfinale setzte sich das Team deutlich gegen Karlsruhe durch. Schließlich kam es zum Finale gegen das Team Stuttgart […]

Welcome to the New Age – DKWien Rocks SOAS IV 2012

There is enough to say about SOAS IV 2012 itself. The tournament was outstandingly well organised for a British tournament.That is to say that it would still be considered very badly organised if we were to apply continental European standards. However, there was food and hostel accommodation close to the campus. With 140 teams SOAS […]