Divine Experiences and Godless Euros

From 7 – 13  August 180 teams competed at Europe’s most important debate tournament in Galway, Ireland. DKW sent Karoline Lutz and Regina Puthenpurayil as Vienna B, Leonhard Weese and Christoph Jäger as Vienna A  along with Rosie Halmi as adjudicator. The buzz around the ESL final motion “THBT God Exists” has eclipsed most other […]

Speechless at the heart of an Eastern European Pearl: The Kiev Open 2011

24 teams gathered this year in Ukraine to compete at the Kiev Open on October 1st and 2nd.  Karoline Lutz and Rosie Halmi competed as Team Lutzi Putzi. Sponsored by East European development Institutes the motions were kept close to the issue of peace and non-violence.  The trophy went to our friends from Potsdam: Moritz […]

Red Sea Open 2011

  The sparkling sun on wet skin, the smell of sun lotion and tasty food, motions challenging our debater-skills and interesting debates with people from Russia, Germany, Austria, Israel, Greece, England – this year’s Red Sea Open (RSO) was the perfect combination of all of that.

Berlin IV 2011

The Berlin IV took place from 8th to 10th July 2011 and Debattierklub Wien sent four teams and three adjudicators to, what some people consider as the big brother of Austria, Germany. The tournament, with participants coming from nearly 14 countries, was quite international. For some reason there were quite many Scandinavian teams – maybe […]

Debating Just A Few Meters Down The Danube – A Friendly Tournament in Budapest

Possibly this article will alter history a little bit (sorry, that’s an Austrian habit). The first reason therefor is that due to writing this article several days after the tournament, the author’s memories are not so detailed anymore. Two things are totally clear, however: Budapest was loads of fun and it had something to do […]

1. Baker & McKenzie Debate Club – Review

Im ersten Moment scheint es wie ein ganz normales Debattierturnier. Eine Ausschreibung, junge Leute melden sich an, es werden Informationen und Zeitpläne verteilt. Doch sieht man genauer hin stellt man fest, dass keiner der Teilnehmer debattieren kann. Was wie ein riesen Fehler der Veranstalter aussieht, ist aber in Wirklichkeit ein neues geniales Projekt des Debattierklub […]