Introduction to debating: Spring term 2022

The new semester is about to begin, so what better time to try out something new? Here at DK Vienna, we are excited to be able to offer a free introductory course for anyone who wants to try out debating. But why should you pick up this hobby? Well, would you like to … …learn […]

DKWien goes East: Pro-Am success in Sofia 2018

Another great Pro-am Team, Miri Muntean and Marina Kojic, helped to kick off DKWiens Debating season 2018/19 with an incredible success at the Sofia Open. They did however not only do an amazing job as a team, as a quick look at the tab – or better – Marinas memories below reveal. Participating in a […]

[:en]Freshers Training [:de]Freshers Training – Einsteigerkurs[:]

[:en]You have heard there is a debating club in town, but aren’t yet sure what it is all about? You imagine a round table, and people chatting about a variety of topics over a glass of wine? Or possibly, you already know what you can expect, and are ready to start your debating life. Either way, […]

Vienna Freshers’ Participants Guide

  Vienna Freshers’ is taking off this weekend. To make sure all participants board their flight well informed convener Andreas Prischl has put together a comprehensive guide for the entire weekend. You can download it here.  What is even better, Vienna Freshers’ is now accompanied by two side events: The Kastanienbraten on Friday with open […]

Einführungsveranstaltung – 8. Oktober 2013

  English version below Liebe Argumentierbegeisterte! Wie jedes Jahr im Herbst lädt Euch der Debattierklub Wien sehr herzlich zur Einführungsveranstaltung (EVA) ein. Der DKWien ist ein studentischer Verein. Wir beschäftigen uns mit Argumentation und Rhetorik und trainieren diese Fähigkeiten in regelmäßigen Debatten auf Englisch und auf Deutsch. Unsere Mitglieder fahren regelmäßig auf internationale Turniere und […]

Vienna Freshers’ 2013 – Start off your debating life!

In November 2013, Debattierklub Wien will host the second edition of its novice tournament, Vienna Freshers’ 2013. This two-day tournament will introduce new university-level debaters to the world of competitive tournaments. Our Chief Adjudicators a.k.a. Chief Aviators Melanie Sindelar and Senna Maatoug will lead the flying lessons. If you can already feel the urge to […]