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By Vienna’s International Society

August 1, 2013

In November 2013, Debattierklub Wien will host the second edition of its novice tournament, Vienna Freshers’ 2013. This two-day tournament will introduce new university-level debaters to the world of competitive tournaments. Our Chief Adjudicators a.k.a. Chief Aviators Melanie Sindelar and Senna Maatoug will lead the flying lessons. If you can already feel the urge to kiss to sky, it is time to book your flight with DKWien Air!

Competitions are the nuts and bolts of debating, and if you are one of those debaters who has not yet debated at university level for longer than a year and who has not broken at a tournament before (exception: novice-only breaks) either, this tournament will be your start into the sport. Whether you have already had some flying lessons in the simulator, or you have flown your first aerodrome circles by now, or you are still entirely new to debating, this tournament will place you right in the pilot’s seat. We will be happily hosting both novice as well as experienced adjudicators.

Flight checklist:
Format: British Parliamentary Style (BPS), English language, 5 min speeches
Team cap: 24 teams
4 preliminary rounds, break to semi-finals (if team cap is reached), otherwise directly to finals
Reg fee: 25 € per person

Start: Friday, November 8th 2013, 3 p.m. in Vienna
End: Saturday, November 9th 2013, 10 p.m.

For an up-to-date schedule and more information please see our
Registration is now open:
Registration for debaters from Vienna:
For questions regarding registration,
you can write Elisabeth:

With best regards from the Freshers’ convening team
Madlen & Andreas

andreas [dot] freshers [at] debattierklubwien [dot] at
madlen [dot] stottmeyer [at] gmx [dot] net

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