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Miri Muntean’s Fresh Impressions of Zagreb EUDC 2014

Michael Shapira and Christine Simpson, Chief Adjudicators of Vienna EUDCBetween August 18 and 24 2014 Zagreb hosted the European Universities Debating Championship. Debattierklub Wien is the only institution sending teams from Austrian universities to these annual championships. As such, Vienna teams competing for Zagreb EUDC 2014 were: Melanie Sindelar and Stefan Zweiker (Vienna A); Mark Etzel and Madlen Stottmeyer (Vienna B);  Andreas Villarreal and Christoph Jäger (Vienna C). Judges joining them were Elisabeth Vikydal, Regina Puthenpurayil, Andreas Prischl and the author Miri Muntean. Miri joined the society last year and has been one of our most talented freshers. Enjoy her insights!

Miri Muntean’s Impressions

My first EUDC was a week filled by so many things that I wouldn’t know where to start to describe it. Brilliant people, great debates, fancy buildings, entertaining socials and the burning sun are just a few things that come to my mind. I’m sure that having been part of the great (and quite large) DKWien contingent (3 teams, 4 judges, 1 volunteer) contributed a lot to the amazing time I had and everything I’ve learned in the meantime.

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Bright Sunshine over Manchester EUDC 2013

DKWien’s ‘Contingent of Bright Sunshine’ broke a team and an adjudicator at the European University Debate Championships 2013 in Manchester. Hereby the Mission to Break is finally accomplished and DKWien enters the league of institutions that break teams at the Championships. Read below for what this means.

The author apologises for all football references in the text.

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Cold shivers in hot Belgrade – EUDC 2012

This is not a review of the fantastic job the Belgrade EUDC 2012 OrgCom from Open Communication or its Adjudication team did, or about the challenging motions and thrilling debates. It neither is a treatise of the gratitude and sympathy I feel towards my team partner. It is a very personal account of what cold shivers I experienced in hot Belgrade when I realised what debating means to the people of Belgrade and Serbia and what this teaches me.

Arrival in Belgrade at memories of a grim past

My first formidable impression of Belgrade after leaving the airport upon arrival was a wall of heat. Yet my love neither for summer nor for cool drinks could prepare me for what cold sensations I would soon feel, but first things first. My next major two impressions woke memories from a bitter past. The road from the airport to the city centre passed a building that was hit by an air strike in 1999, still cutting it in half. The second was a protest march claiming its right of way on the streets. Belgraders obviously cared sufficiently to stand up against recent changes to the public transport system, claiming they were an unfairly heavy burden on poor commuters and a profit only for corrupt officials. The police discreetly escorted the march, protecting its citizens’ right to express their opinion and dissent with their government. Not long ago, that had been very different.

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Take A Closer Look At Our EUDC Belgrade Teams!

Just a few more days until European University Debate Championship 2012 will be kicking off in Belgrade. We are really proud to be sending a fine delegation. 3 EUDC Belgrade Teams and 2 adjudicators are ready to put an eloquent fight, no matter how much Rakia it takes.

Click on their pictures to take a closer look at Andreas, Miriam, Melanie, Stefan, Christoph, Agnieszka, Sabine and Jakob.

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Battle for Belgrade – The Chips Are Down!

For the first time since its inception Debattierklub Wien had more teams applying for a Championship then there were slots available. Five teams competed for 3 slots, all of them had their merits and none of us knew how to settle that. Hence we decided to run the EUDC trials and find it out the hard way like we had seen it from the grown ups in Sydney, Oxford or Leiden. We set the dates for  May 5 and 6 to run the evil but necessary “Battle For Belgrade”. Continue reading

Divine Experiences and Godless Euros

From 7 – 13  August 180 teams competed at Europe’s most important debate tournament in Galway, Ireland. DKW sent Karoline Lutz and Regina Puthenpurayil as Vienna B, Leonhard Weese and Christoph Jäger as Vienna A  along with Rosie Halmi as adjudicator. The buzz around the ESL final motion “THBT God Exists” has eclipsed most other remembrances of the tournament. This report will hardly do otherwise. In any event, should one think of Galway as a godforsaken place, think again. 

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