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Eine intensive “Clash”-Woche vor Weihnachten beim DKWien

In der letzten Woche vor den Weihnachtsferien ist der Debattierklub Wien gleich fünf Mal zusammengetroffen, oder für jeden Wochentag einmal. Wie üblich hielten wir eine deutsch- und eine englischsprachige Debatte an der Universität Wien und an der WU Wien ab, dazu kamen noch ein Analyse-Workshop und mehrere Organisationstreffen für unser größtes Projekt, die Europäischen Hochschul-Debattiermeisterschaften (EUDC) im Sommer 2015. Eine genaue Übersicht dieser “Weihnachts-Clash-Woche” im Folgenden:

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Ready for the Good Times – DKWien on the Road to the World University Debating Championships in Berlin

This short post shall give you a short overview of what is coming up in the next few weeks and explain why some of our members did not get accumulate too many hours of sleep in December.

1 – Worlds University Championships in Berlin start now! This is how you stay up to date.

2 – Vienna Winter Worlds Prep. Michael Shapira gave our speeches the final touches for Berlin. Teams from as far as Mexico came.

3 – Training Debates and DKWien Knowledge Show. Why December was too short.

4 – Tilbury House IV. Just that we do not forget to mention. December started off MASSIVELY. We had two teams in the finals of Tilbury House IV Cologne

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Vienna Winter Worlds Prep – All the Info You Need

One week left until the Vienna Winter Worlds Prep with WUDC Champion Michael Shapira kicks off on the 21st of December.

VWWP includes two workshops and at least 6 rounds of debating. Given that the number of teams will be either 8 or 12, there will be no separate final, instead all teams shall enjoy the pleasure of  6 rounds of BP debating with 7 min speeches. Motions will be set by CA Michael Shapira, who will be assisted by the finest domestic adj-core Vienna has to offer.

Additionally, as this is Christmas time and we’re in Vienna, we planned some Punsch socials and Christmas market flair.

1 Registration (International, Domestic & Adjudicators)

2 Schedule

3 Venues

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Euros Prep – Like a Boss. The Mödling Invitational.

The Mödling Invitational was the final preparation one week before the European Championships

The Prischls invited the DKWien crowd to Mödling to prep for Euros on a hot July Summer weekend (28-29 July 2012). On the one hand it was the best possible preparation ever, on the other there was just a hell lot of fun involved. Both things were not too bad actually. Still the author will try to paint a hard and unpleasant picture of the weekend just to stress how really, really, really hard we prepped.

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