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By Vienna’s International Society

December 12, 2012

One week left until the Vienna Winter Worlds Prep with WUDC Champion Michael Shapira kicks off on the 21st of December.

VWWP includes two workshops and at least 6 rounds of debating. Given that the number of teams will be either 8 or 12, there will be no separate final, instead all teams shall enjoy the pleasure of  6 rounds of BP debating with 7 min speeches. Motions will be set by CA Michael Shapira, who will be assisted by the finest domestic adj-core Vienna has to offer.

Additionally, as this is Christmas time and we’re in Vienna, we planned some Punsch socials and Christmas market flair.

1 Registration (International, Domestic & Adjudicators)

2 Schedule

3 Venues

1 Registration

The Rego Fee for all debater, whether domestic or international is 10EUR pp. Please transfer this amount to DKWien in advance:
Debattierklub Wien
Account No: 20010888019
Bank: 14200 (easybank)
IBAN: AT311420020010888019

These 10EUR will cover participation and help us fund a World Class CA. We won’t run this tournament on profit, any surplus will be invested in Punsch for the crowd, so the 10EUR are definitely paying off.


Please also send an Email to to confirm your participation. This way you will also be informed about crash etc. So far two foreign teams are registered: Tilbury House A and BBU A.


Please insert your names and your teamname into this google doc.


To register (domestic and international) please add your name here. Adjudicators pay no reg fee. Looking forward to seeing as many adjes as possible , because you get to see some good teams and the feedback is what makes the competition great.

2 Schedule

Fri 21st December

12pm – 1:30pm First Workshop: Strategy for WUDC with Michael Shapira

2pm – 3:30pm Question & Answer session on debating at WUDC Workshop with Michael Shapira. Submit you questions here and try to get as many insider hints out of Michael as possible.

3:30pm-4pm Registration for Tournament

4pm 1st Round

6pm 2nd Round

8pm-late Punsch & Pancakes Social in the City

Sat 22nd December

8:30am-9am Registration for 3rd Round

9am 3rd Round

11am 4th Round

1pm-2:30pm Lunch Break

2:30pm 5th Round

4:30pm 6th Round

(6:30pm 7th Round if teams wish so)

-late Food and Social, possibly fun-debate

3 Venues

On Friday we convene at HS0.7 at WU Wien (Augasse 2-6, 1090, close to Spittelau). This is also the place where all the rounds and the workshops will take place. Please be on time in order to allow us to start at 12 pm sharp.

The Friday Social will be at Mariahilferstraße. There will be Punsch and food available. However subsistence is not included in the reg fee.

Saturday venue, again, is the WU Wien. The social will be at a place nearby. There is plenty of food around the Uni so it should not be too difficult to find something during the lunch break.

Looking forward to having you all here!


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