Vienna IV Registration Update 2 as of 14/1/2013

This article might be interesting for you if you are (1) registered, confirmed and coming to VIV (2) waiting for a slot for VIV (3) from an institution has not yet paid for its slots at Vienna IV. However, before that some good news: We have more budget than ever, VIV is going to be […]

VIV Registration Update 1

  Heya’ll, We hope you are already stoked that Vienna IV will be coming up in almost excactly 4 month already! This is a short update on Registration. We hope we can clarify a few things and answer some frequently asked questions with this. This post is structured as follows: A. Clarifications regarding communication  when […]

VIV12 in numbers – 7 squirrels walk into 3 bars and…

Debaters often side with policies of restricting civil rights, freedom of expression and self-determination. That’s because they believe in whatever they have to believe in order to win the debate. Today, however, it’s up to you to decide what to believe or not. VIV12 OrgCom set its gray matter working to provide you with loads […]

Early birds – Vienna IV 2012

Read about the Vienna IV through the lenses of last year’s convener of the Vienna IV 2011, Leonhard Weese and what he has to say about the challenges of running a tournament. He also reveals how the orgcom turned a draconian punctuality into a real treat for the participants.   

Berlin wins the Vienna IV 2012

From March 9 to 11 Debattierklub Wien hosted the Vienna IV for the second time since it’s inception. 50 teams competed in 6 British Parliamentary rounds on Friday and Saturday. The tournament was chief adjudicated by Maja Cimerman, Mark Manson and Michael Shapira. The Semi and Final debates were held in the festive location of […]