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By Vienna’s International Society

April 16, 2012

Debaters often side with policies of restricting civil rights, freedom of expression and self-determination. That’s because they believe in whatever they have to believe in order to win the debate. Today, however, it’s up to you to decide what to believe or not. VIV12 OrgCom set its gray matter working to provide you with loads of interesting facts and figures about the tournament. In order for you to anticipate what to expect next year just keep in mind: Vienna waits for you! Fresher! Brighter! Bigger!

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Thanks to our 13 dedicated sponsors who made an amazing VIV12 experience possible!

Number of pitfalls DKW OrgCom stepped into + number of improvised fixes for any issues: The number cannot be disclosed because it is so unbelievably low! 😉


52 teams attended VIV12. Their 104 speakers from 44 institutions represented 20 different countries: Austria, Netherlands, Germany, France, England, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Rumania, Slovenia, Serbia, Kosovo, Hungary, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Sweden, Turkey, China, Israel and Russia; The 45 adjudicators ensured a competitive debating atmosphere.

Time management

Percentage of people who showed up for breakfast in time: 56,45%
Percentage of people who showed for the debates punctually anyway: 98,86%


Number of baby seals pronounced to have been killed by the opposite teams: 7.938
Number of squirrels spotted during the tournament: 12
Number of people who do like squirrels: 2 (Melanie Sindelar and Stefan Zweiker)
Number of people who don’t like squirrels: Hopefully 0, God bless our squirrel family! To ensure your peace of mind: We adopted all 12 of them to found a happy squirrel family which now pose on our flamboyant T-shirt collection.


Litres of coffee served in the final: 0,00
Litres of Red Bull served in the final: 6,25
Number of visitors: Two times more than fit in Old Trafford
Number of excellent judges in the final panel: 7


Number of newly accepted Debataholic Anonymous members: 104 + two times more people than fit in Old Trafford
Number of handkerchiefs distributed by our Equity Officer: 164
Number of tears dried by the help of these handkerchiefs: 1.248
Number of people who finished early: 13
Number of people who did not finish early: 148
Number of people who did not finish ever: 1
Number of spontaneous waltz dances spotted during round intermissions: 76

Now let’s be serious for a brief moment. This article was part of an experiment in which we tried to assess in how far people believe in debater’s words. It’s up to you with which result you associate yourself. Thank you for the faith you set in our scientific research skills!


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