Vienna IV 2022: Return of the King

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By Vienna’s International Society

August 21, 2022

What does it take to organize the first major in-person tournament after over two years of online debating? Apparently just an unhealthy amount of energy drinks, a can-do attitude and a bunch of the most dedicated volunteers we could ask for. After months of finding venues, planning food and managing team registration, DK Wien hosted over 200 participants at this year’s Vienna IV, which took place between May 13 and 15. 

(Some of) Our great team

The tournament was already kicked off on Friday with a Viennese bar hopping experience. But the real work began when Saturday rounds came along. During the first four in rounds, our organizing team was tested in the various tasks needed to host a tournament. These range from brewing unholy amounts of coffee to cutting Burek, handling unfortunate toilet incidents and teaching debaters how to properly wear a mask, but also being a swing team in rooms with EUDC winning speakers and getting hugs after finding a lost earring. The day ended just the right way: with our famous schnitzel night and a public viewing of the Eurovision final, where everyone could enjoy themselves and root for their favourite song together with international friends.

On Sunday, we were able to give our guests a (insert fancy adjective here) feeling by holding the final rounds in the University of Vienna. Finally, the tournament came to an end with a fantastic night of lots of drinks and karaoke.

All things considered – we pulled it off and we did so with style. But what will always stay is the aftermath: debaters from all across Europe telling you how this was the greatest debating weekend of their lives. 

The Open Final

We congratulate the winners from Zagreb/Australia (Open), Haifa (ESL) and Zagreb (Pro-Am) and hope to see everyone again next year!


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