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Debates, Trains, Bicycles – Dutch Open 2012

Assume you receive an email on a Monday at about 1am offering you a team slot at a good tournament in the Netherlands, which starts off 4 days later. What would you do?
The correct answer is looking up a flight of course. At least for Melanie Sindelar and Stefan Zweiker who confirmed the slot immediately and thus hopped over to the Dutch Debating Open in Leiden, Netherlands (30th to 31st March 2012). Whether the trip was worth the flight and how Dutch the Dutch Debating Open really were can be read in this article. Continue reading

Debating in Moscow at the HSE OPEN 2012: Cold from the Outside, Warm on the Inside

On April 7th and April 8th the Higher School of Economics hosted their annual international tournament in British Parliamentary Style. Chief Adjudicated by Filip Dobranic, along with Mathias Hamann and Eugene Akulich, HSE Open 2012 combined the fun of debating, with plenty of workshops and an insight into Proctor & Gamble’s recruitment philosophy. Christoph and Rosie competed as “Debattierklub Wien” and just missed the break, placing 9th of the tab.
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VIV12 in numbers – 7 squirrels walk into 3 bars and…

Debaters often side with policies of restricting civil rights, freedom of expression and self-determination. That’s because they believe in whatever they have to believe in order to win the debate. Today, however, it’s up to you to decide what to believe or not. VIV12 OrgCom set its gray matter working to provide you with loads of interesting facts and figures about the tournament. In order for you to anticipate what to expect next year just keep in mind: Vienna waits for you! Fresher! Brighter! Bigger!

VIV12 Logo

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Early birds – Vienna IV 2012

Read about the Vienna IV through the lenses of last year’s convener of the Vienna IV 2011, Leonhard Weese and what he has to say about the challenges of running a tournament. He also reveals how the orgcom turned a draconian punctuality into a real treat for the participants. 
graphics from Natalie Thonhauser


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ANKÜNDIGUNG: “Misch Dich Ein – der Debattierklub” Dreharbeiten

Im Debattierklub Wien wird diese Osterferien Alles andere als auf den Lorbeeren ausgeruht! Passend zum Buch und Veranstaltungsreihe “Misch Dich Ein! Der Debattierclub” geht es jetzt ran an den Film. Die Dreharbeiten sind bereits voll im Gange. Das nächste Shooting findet am 2. April statt.

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2. Baker & McKenzie Debate Club – 27. und 28. April 2012

Am 27. und 28. April laden Baker & McKenzie und der Debattierklub Wien zum 2. Baker & McKenzie Debate Club ein.
Ziel ist es die Diskurskultur von talentierten Nachwuchsjuristen (m/w).

Redegewandte Studenten bekommen die Möglichkeit ihre Argumentationstalente und Ihre Rhetorikfähigkeiten unter Beweis zu stellen.

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