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Welcome to the New Age – DKWien Rocks SOAS IV 2012

Jakob delivering his speech at the SOAS IV ESL final

There is enough to say about SOAS IV 2012 itself. The tournament was outstandingly well organised for a British tournament.That is to say that it would still be considered very badly organised if we were to apply continental European standards. However, there was food and hostel accommodation close to the campus. With 140 teams SOAS IV is one of the largest tournaments on the Island. Because it enjoys a friendlier reputation than Oxford or Cambridge with regards to how it treats participants, about 30 ESL teams traveled to London to debate at SOAS IV. 3 of them were sent from Vienna. We had a hell lot of fun in London and the Vienna contingent also enjoyed the socials excessively. Nonetheless, I dare to say SOAS IV was particularly special. The reason for that is the success of DKWien Teams.

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Vienna Freshers’ – The Freshest Tournament Ever!

You are FRESH? DARE THE JUMP into the fresh waters of debating and enjoy a pool of hot motions, awesome socials, cool debates and a huge wave of other freshers.

You are FRESH? DARE THE JUMP into the fresh waters of debating and enjoy a pool of hot motions, awesome socials, cool debates and a huge wave of other freshers.

So don’t be scared – dare the jump!

The weekend of 10th & 11th of November beginners, starters and basically anyone who has been debating for less then a year, will be given an easy start into the fabulous world of debating and it’s debating tournaments. Speeches will be of 5 min speaker length and teams will get an extended period of 25 minutes preparation time. The tournament will put its main emphasize on thorough feedback accompanied with fun socials. The winning team will secure themselves a free spot at the Vienna IV 2013, the biggest international BP tournaments in Central Europe.
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SOAS IV 2012 – Halbfinale und Finale für Wien!

London –  Der Debattierklub Wien feiert dieses Wochenende gleich zwei Errungenschaften. Am Sonntag den 21. Oktober 2012 redeten sich Jakob Reiter und Mark Etzel als “Vienna Z” bis in das Finale in der Kategorie Englisch als Zweitsprache des SOAS IV 2012. Melanie Sindelar und Stefan Zweiker schafften den Durchbruch als “Vienna X” in das Halbfinale der gleichen Kategorie und landeten den fünften Platz nach den Vorrunden.
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MondayTalK: US Presidential Election 2012

On the occasion of the US presidential electoral campaigning, which is currently taking place, Debattierklub Wien invites you cordially to a talk with

Ms. Marlene Nice
Cultural Attaché
Embassy of the United States in Vienna

to discuss the current debates around the presidential election.

Where: HS 0.1 A/B Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
When: 7pm

Facebook Event

Debattierklub Wien ( is an organisation dedicated to improve students’ ability to think critically and engage in argumentation. One purpose of  debating is to broaden the knowledge of students about things happening outside of University. Therefore we are very happy to invite to you to an evening talk about American politics.

Für jeden etwas dabei! Der neue Vorstand präsentiert das Agenda für 2012/13

Am 8. Oktober 2012 wurde der neue Vorstand des Debattierklub Wien für das kommende Jahr in der Vollversammlung einstimmig gewählt.

Jakob Reiter bleibt Obmann.
Anika Nussgraber wird  Schriftführerin.
Mark Etzel wird Kassier.
Rosie Halmi bleibt Pressesprecherin.

Weiters wird Stefan Zweiker mit der anspruchsvollen Aufgabe des Trainingkoordinators beauftragt und Melanie Sindelar wird uns weiterhin als Kommunikation- und Pressebeauftragte bei Seite stehen. Lio Kaufman ist als BP-Trainer im Rahmen der Road to Pro beauftragt.

Wir danken Jakob, Karo, Regina und Stefan für ihre hervorragende Leistung im Vorjahr!

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