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We’ll be back – Stockholm IV 2013

Sweden is definitely to be reckoned with in debating. If SSE breaking 2nd at Vienna IV 2012 should not be evidence enough, Lund graciously won this year’s Jacobs Open in Bremen in April. And now they have proven that they are most apt too in converting their renowned hospitality into a great tournament, the Stockholm IV 2013, from May 10th to 12th 2013. Read Andreas Prischl’s report on a most enjoyable tournament.

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Paris: Ham and Cheese. Also, Wine.


Five ambitious debaters, one car, and one destination: Paris! Read Andreas Villarreal’s impressions about the Paris Open 2013.

There are moments in a debating career where you’re reminded that debating goes far beyond being in a room and joining three other teams in hamming it up for seven minutes (though it is most definitely a part of it). That, at its core, debating is about fun. Hilarious, ridiculous, glorious fun. And for the Debattierklub Wien delegation to the 2013 Paris Open, it most definitely was one of those moments.
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On the Contingent of Burning Ambition: DKWien at WUDC Berlin 2013

Madlen joined DKWien in 2012 and after not even a year of debating she joined the DKWien Mission2Break contingent to Berlin WUDC 2013. Since the Vienna teams narrowly scraped past the break, Mission2Break was renamed into MissionToBreaknight; WUDC Berlin was a blast for everyone who had the pleasure to go there. Read Madlen’s thoughts for more information:

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Ready for the Good Times – DKWien on the Road to the World University Debating Championships in Berlin

This short post shall give you a short overview of what is coming up in the next few weeks and explain why some of our members did not get accumulate too many hours of sleep in December.

1 – Worlds University Championships in Berlin start now! This is how you stay up to date.

2 – Vienna Winter Worlds Prep. Michael Shapira gave our speeches the final touches for Berlin. Teams from as far as Mexico came.

3 – Training Debates and DKWien Knowledge Show. Why December was too short.

4 – Tilbury House IV. Just that we do not forget to mention. December started off MASSIVELY. We had two teams in the finals of Tilbury House IV Cologne

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Welcome to the New Age – DKWien Rocks SOAS IV 2012

Jakob delivering his speech at the SOAS IV ESL final

There is enough to say about SOAS IV 2012 itself. The tournament was outstandingly well organised for a British tournament.That is to say that it would still be considered very badly organised if we were to apply continental European standards. However, there was food and hostel accommodation close to the campus. With 140 teams SOAS IV is one of the largest tournaments on the Island. Because it enjoys a friendlier reputation than Oxford or Cambridge with regards to how it treats participants, about 30 ESL teams traveled to London to debate at SOAS IV. 3 of them were sent from Vienna. We had a hell lot of fun in London and the Vienna contingent also enjoyed the socials excessively. Nonetheless, I dare to say SOAS IV was particularly special. The reason for that is the success of DKWien Teams.

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Two Slices Of Great British Summer: The Imperial IV and The SOAS Open

Not that we wouldn’t hold up the Olympic spirit. Just as long as debating isn’t Olympic, we rather go there for other reasons.

Is this about the Olympics? Sure not. Maybe about this is about the weather? No, otherwise we wouldn’t use the word “great”. So maybe this article is about debating again? Yep. A couple of DKWien athletes headed to London for the Imperial IV and the SOAS Open. They had a look on how Londoners prep for Euros with the author putting special focus on the local pizza service.

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