Miri Muntean’s Fresh Impressions of Zagreb EUDC 2014

Between August 18 and 24 2014 Zagreb hosted the European Universities Debating Championship. Debattierklub Wien is the only institution sending teams from Austrian universities to these annual championships. As such, Vienna teams competing for Zagreb EUDC 2014 were: Melanie Sindelar and Stefan Zweiker (Vienna A); Mark Etzel and Madlen Stottmeyer (Vienna B);  Andreas Villarreal and […]

Rigorous Selection: The Trials for Zagreb EUDC 2014

In the first weekend of April, DKWien held trials for this year’s European Championship (EUDC) 2014 in Zagreb. Many DKWien debaters wanted to go. Hence, it was necessary to hold an internal tournament to find the best teams as well as the best adjudicators to represent DK Vienna in Zagreb at the EUDC in August 2014. […]