Dinner at Tito’s: Feedback on Split Union Open 2011

Split Union Open 2011 took place in Split Croatia on May 13-15 2011. The first half of this article will be structured the way a good debating feedback always should be: first stating the results in terms of some freshly invented criteria, second explaining the reasons for the decision. The final paragraphs include a statement […]

1. Baker & McKenzie Debate Club – Review

Im ersten Moment scheint es wie ein ganz normales Debattierturnier. Eine Ausschreibung, junge Leute melden sich an, es werden Informationen und Zeitpläne verteilt. Doch sieht man genauer hin stellt man fest, dass keiner der Teilnehmer debattieren kann. Was wie ein riesen Fehler der Veranstalter aussieht, ist aber in Wirklichkeit ein neues geniales Projekt des Debattierklub […]

Paris IV – Wine, cheese and a lot of debating!

I really can’t explain why so many of us Viennese people wanted to go to Paris IV. Maybe, it was because of the promised wine and cheese, the good adjudicators or just because it’s Paris. Maybe also because it is one of the rare situations where you will get to hear the Frenchmen speaking English. […]

Once again, Cardiff IV

Lio Kaufman and Leonhard Weese represented as “Glenn Beckian Logic Applied” Debattierklub Wien at the Cardiff IV 2011. They performed well, missing the break to the finals just by a few speakerpoints. Leo has written a more detailed article published on Die Achte Minute. The Tab Thanks and see you soon!

White Nights in Belgrade

Open your calendars and mark August 5 to 11 2012 with the words “Belgrade” and “awesome”. You can book your flights and advertise Belgrade Euros 2012 in your debate societies as one of the best ever. At least that is the impression I got when checking my fellow debater’s Facebook status updates. An avalanche of […]