DKWien wins the SOAS IV 2015!

The SOAS IV, held annually by the SOAS Debating Society, is one of the largest and most well-known tournaments in Europe. This year’s event, CAd by Joe Dyer, Helena Ivanov, Michael DG and Jamie Batchelor became especially appealing to us after the announcement that there would be no registration fees for international teams. As with […]

Wienerwald Cup 2015

Wienerwald Cup 2015 Rund drei Monate vor den European Universities Debating Championship richtete der Debattierklub Wien am 15. und 16. Mai 2015 ein kleines deutschsprachiges Turnier aus: Den 1. Wienerwald Cup. Cheforganisator Roman Korecky hatte in den Wochen zuvor alle Register gezogen, um unser erstes Turner auf dem FH Technikum zu einem vollen Erfolg zu machen. […]

We are the ESL champions of Cambridge Women’s Open 2014!

We are incredibly proud to announce that Melanie Sindelar and Madlen Stottmeyer are the winners of this years’ Cambridge Women’s Open in the ESL Category. They also did incredibly well on the speaker tab and were declared 5th and 8th best ESL speaker respectively. Vienna A (also their teamname for the upcoming World Championships) also […]

DK Wien Rocking BBU Open

BBU Open was *the* prep tournament for all DK Teams for Zagreb Euros. And we must say, the prep was not only good, it was very successful! We all went to the land of Dracula (or also, Western Romania) by car – taking shifts, and starting at 2pm at night. Especially team Napoléon had quite […]

Vienna IV 2014 – Motions and tab

  With the OrgCom and all others involved having more or less recovered, it is now time to officially thank everyone for this year’s edition of the Vienna InterVarsity Debating Tournament! Convened by the Dynamic Duo of Melanie Sindelar and Regina Puthenpurayil and with an outstanding CA Team – Christine Simpson, Nicole Loiter and our […]

Cambridge IV 2013 – A Debater’s Pilgrimage

Stansted airport, Monday morning, 3:38am. I spent the night at the airport and the security just drove me away from the more or less good piece of floor where I tried to get to get my second hour of sleep. Looking at the tab of Cambridge IV, I just recognised that Madlen and I actually […]