We’ll be back – Stockholm IV 2013

Sweden is definitely to be reckoned with in debating. If SSE breaking 2nd at Vienna IV 2012 should not be evidence enough, Lund graciously won this year’s Jacobs Open in Bremen in April. And now they have proven that they are most apt too in converting their renowned hospitality into a great tournament, the Stockholm […]

Paris: Ham and Cheese. Also, Wine.

Five ambitious debaters, one car, and one destination: Paris! Read Andreas Villarreal’s impressions about the Paris Open 2013. There are moments in a debating career where you’re reminded that debating goes far beyond being in a room and joining three other teams in hamming it up for seven minutes (though it is most definitely a […]

Debattieren, Flanieren, Philosophieren – Die ZEIT Debatte Hamburg 2012

Vom 13.1.2012 bis 15.01.2012 fand in Hamburg die erste ZEIT DEBATTE des Jahres statt. Der Debattierclub Hamburg e.V. lud gemeinsam mit dem Debattierclub Kiel zum Turnier, das nach Regeln der Offenen Parlamentarischen Debatte (OPD) ausgetragen wurde. Für den Debattierklub Wien traten Philipp Deutsch, Andreas Prischl und Jakob Reiter als die „Wiener Gschichtldrucker“ und Karoline Lutz […]


2 teams from Debattierklub Wien attended the SOAS IV 2011 between 21 – 23 October 2011. Vienna A being slightly more experienced broke into ESL semi finals while Vienna B competed as novices team. The freshman Marian Hochgerner reports on the event.   London – It does not come as a surprise that Europe’s most […]

Divine Experiences and Godless Euros

From 7 – 13  August 180 teams competed at Europe’s most important debate tournament in Galway, Ireland. DKW sent Karoline Lutz and Regina Puthenpurayil as Vienna B, Leonhard Weese and Christoph Jäger as Vienna A  along with Rosie Halmi as adjudicator. The buzz around the ESL final motion “THBT God Exists” has eclipsed most other […]

Speechless at the heart of an Eastern European Pearl: The Kiev Open 2011

24 teams gathered this year in Ukraine to compete at the Kiev Open on October 1st and 2nd.  Karoline Lutz and Rosie Halmi competed as Team Lutzi Putzi. Sponsored by East European development Institutes the motions were kept close to the issue of peace and non-violence.  The trophy went to our friends from Potsdam: Moritz […]