Berlin IV 2011

The Berlin IV took place from 8th to 10th July 2011 and Debattierklub Wien sent four teams and three adjudicators to, what some people consider as the big brother of Austria, Germany. The tournament, with participants coming from nearly 14 countries, was quite international. For some reason there were quite many Scandinavian teams – maybe […]

Debating Just A Few Meters Down The Danube – A Friendly Tournament in Budapest

Possibly this article will alter history a little bit (sorry, that’s an Austrian habit). The first reason therefor is that due to writing this article several days after the tournament, the author’s memories are not so detailed anymore. Two things are totally clear, however: Budapest was loads of fun and it had something to do […]

SOAS IV 2010 – Rosie Halmi about debating in London

The SOAS IV wooed with reduced fees, compelling motions, an excellent pool of judges and its international character. Even if accommodation remains rudimentary and catering was more or less nonexistent, this tournament should not be missed by those seeking valuable debating experience, judging insights or just don’t want to miss an opportunity to stroll along […]

Donuts on the Dance Floor! – Zagreb Open 2010

370 kilometers. That is the distance between Vienna and its little sister Zagreb. However the train there gets passed by heavy trucks on dirty roads, birds and once even a running wild boar. Unfortunately you seem to get charged by the hour, not by kilometer.

Tilbury House Summer Open 2010

Hot debates in a hot city – this was, in short, the Tilbury House Summer Open 2010. The Cologne debating society held its Open tournament shortly before Amsterdam Euros, thus giving us Viennese debaters a great practice opportunity! Leonhard Weese and Florian Prischl (team Wien Drahdiwaberl) and Agnieszka Bibro and Jakob Reiter (Wien Calafati) represented […]