[:en]Freshers Training [:de]Freshers Training – Einsteigerkurs[:]

[:en]You have heard there is a debating club in town, but aren’t yet sure what it is all about? You imagine a round table, and people chatting about a variety of topics over a glass of wine? Or possibly, you already know what you can expect, and are ready to start your debating life. Either way, […]

Summer Debate Training 2017

Join us this Summer Even in Summer the Debattierklub Wien continues its Training.  There will be Training Debates for all interested on Wednesday. Additionally there will be special Training for the people going to EUDC 2017 (European Championships). During the summer holidays there will be no German Training on Mondays. You can find us Wednesdays […]

Busy Week Ahead – Last Week of November at DKWien

Upcoming week will be a little bit more busy than usual for DKWien. On the one hand we have some extra events additional to our normal sessions, on the other hand there is a number of teams heading out to no less than four tournaments. Here is a short overview for you to stay informed. […]

Plan for October: Getting started into a new Semester

  Heaps of new stuff coming up in the next few weeks! 1-  DKWien seeks new members. With our presence at the Uni Leben fair and the Einführungsveranstaltung we want as many new members as possible. 2- The Road to Pro Program guides novices from their first speech towards their first tournament within 5 weeks. The […]

Debattieren im Juli 2012

Debataholics, keine Sorge, diesen Sommer werden wir nicht auf das Debattieren verzichten müssen. Drei Mittwochstermine stehen bereits fest: –  4. Juli – 11. Juli – 25. Juli Jeweils ab 19h. Im Seminarraum Geschichte 1, Hauptgebäude, 1. Stock, Stiege 10. Wir freuen uns auf Eurer Kommen!