Pre-WUDC Vienna Online Open 2022

After two years of enjoying and thriving at online competitions, we hosted our first one ourselves on the 17th and 18th of December – Pre-WUDC Vienna Online Open 2022. As the last big international competition before this year’s World Championships, our conveners (Marina and Theo) had more than a hundred teams from across the globe to deal with. With the help of volunteers like Anton, Aleks and Maarten, though, we managed to keep everything running as smoothly and on time as we humanly could.

But, as usual, we outdid ourselves and threw some of our own gang into the ring – with sweeping success! Kat (who was also one of the Chief Adjudicators), Theo, Marina and Liam broke as judges, with Theo and Liam chairing Partial Double Quarterfinals and Marina chairing an Open Semifinal and panelling the Grand Final. And, arguably even more amazingly, Victor and Mira won the “English as a Second Language” final against teams from De La Salle, Bates College and the University of Tokyo.

You can rewatch their final, where they discussed the pros and cons of everyone being able to replay all their memories at will, here on our Facebook page. We will soon upload this as well as debates from all other rounds on our YouTube channel. You can find the full tab with all motions and stats here.