Introduction to debating in the summer term 2021

The new semester is about to begin, so what better time to try out something new? Here at DK Vienna, we are excited to be able to offer a free introductory course for anyone who wants to try out debating.

Do you ever think of the perfect argument to use in a discussion… hours after that discussion has ended?
Debating means practicing how to come up with good arguments, learning how to structure and make them sound important – and that in only 15 minutes!

What will you learn?

• How to come up with creative & convincing arguments

• How to structure and present your arguments

• How to respond when someone attacks your points

• Ways to improve your publicspeaking skills

• On top of that, you’ll also improve your English

Your trainer for this semester will be Miri Muntean. Miri is the current Vice European University Debating Champion and has both won and been a chief adjudicator for several other debate tournaments.

• When? Every Wednesday at 7 p.m. starting with March 3rd
• Where? Online via Zoom
• How to join? Click this link and we’ll send you an invitation:

In our first session we will begin with an introduction to debating and its rules.
In the following weeks, you’ll learn how to create arguments, practice rebutting your opponent’s points and find ways to make your arguments as convincing as possible. We are looking forward to meeting you!