Meet our delegation for Malaysia Worlds!

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By Vienna’s International Society

December 24, 2014

Curious which of our DK members are going to WUDC Malaysia 2015?
Then read on …

Meet Madlen, Melanie, Regina and Jakob! All of them are well-known faces and have been very active in the international debating circuit for a few years now.

Regina and Jakob will be our judges – so be nice to them! Both of them have quite an extensive judging and debating background, so our hopes for a judge break are high. Our Vienna A team will consist of Madlen and Melanie. You might have seen the two of them in the past few months somewhere in Europe on a tournament. Although quite a new team, they worked well together right from the start. In London, they went straight to the ESL finals of SOAS IV, in Belgrade they broke as the 2nd best team into the Semis, and coming to Cambridge, they went into the ESL final of the Cambridge IV, having defeated an excellent team from Malaysia (IIUM) and the well known Belgrade A team in the Semis. But that’s not all. They also competed in the Cambridge Women’s Open, of which they became the ESL Champions. After these events, they retracted to Vienna to gather strength and to re-emerge in Kuala Lumpur full of energy and ambition. We at DKWien are incredibly proud of our first ever all-female team to compete at the World Championships.

But enough talk. Here are the hard facts about our competitive delegation for Malaysia Worlds 2015.



Jakob Reiter
Österreichischer Meister (Austrian Champion) 2014
Süddeutscher Meister (South German Champion) 2013
Vize-Österreichischer Meister (runner-up Austrian Champion) 2013
3rd best team at the 2nd European Debate Conference 2014





Regina PuthenpurayilRegina Puthenpurayil
Chair World Championships Chennai
Final Vienna Mini 2014
Final Ljubljana IV 2014
Chair European Championships Zagreb 2014
Semi-Finals Belgrade IV 2014



Madlen StottmeyerMadlen Stottmeyer
ESL Champion Cambridge Women’s Open 2014, 8th best speaker
ESL Finalist Cambridge IV 2014
Chief Adjudicator Vienna Fresher’s 2014
17th best team World Championships Chennai
Semi-Finals Belgrade IV 2014
ESL Finals SOAS IV 2014
Semi-Finals Le Havre 2013
Semi-Finals Budapest 2014
Finals Judge Vienna IV 2014
Break to semi-finals at Berlin IV 2014
17th best team European Championships



Melanie SindelarMelanie Sindelar
ESL Champion Cambridge Women’s Open 2014, 5th best speaker
ESL Finalist Cambrdige IV 2014, 8th best speaker
ESL Finals SOAS IV 2014
Semi-Finals Belgrade IV 2014, 4th best speaker
Semi-Finals BBU Open 2014
Top Ten Team (9th), Top Ten speaker (8th) Stockholm IV 2013
Top Ten Team (6th), Top Ten Speaker (6th)
Science Po 2012 Semis
ESL Semis, Top Ten Team (5th), Top Ten Speaker
(10th) SOAS IV 2012
2012 Finals, Top Ten Team (5th) Tilbury House IV
Top Ten Speaker ESL (8th), Cambridge IV 2011
Judging: ESL Semis, Main Quarters Manchester
IV 2012
Chief Adjudicator of Vienna Fresher’s in Nov 13
Break to Semis at Ljubljana IV


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