VIENNA IV 2014 – FAQ and Registration

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By Vienna’s International Society

November 25, 2013



How does registration for Vienna IV 2014 work?

Registration starts on Monday, November 25th, 2013 at 12pm (noon) Vienna time (GMT+1). Registration will be open for one week. More specifically it ends on Monday December 2nd, 2013 at 12am (midnight). Then we will notify the teams and adjudicators that have successfully received spots in Vienna IV2014.

They then have a 2-week time frame to secure their spots by paying the registration fee and sending us the proof of payment via e-mail to (International participants (outside of Europe) can also secure their spots by providing us with plane tickets to Vienna for the date that Vienna IV 2014 is held. You can then later pay your registration fee upon arrival at the tournament).

After one week (if the money hasn’t already been sent) they will receive a payment reminder informing them of the fast approaching end of the payment deadline. If we don’t receive any notices or registration fees until the end of the deadline we will have to reallocate the teamspots and adjudicator spots to teams that are currently positioned on the waitlist. Those then have the chance to secure their spots by paying their registration fee within 2 weeks of notice from us. This will go on until all teamspots and adjudicator spots are filled.

Please read the Registration FAQ before you register!

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