Why Debate?

There are actually only two reason why you should start debating. Debating simply changes your life and helps you changing the life of others. Let world-class debater Lucinda David explain you how it works*:



So why debate competitively?

Speaking up is surprisingly difficult. It does not come naturally and needs to be trained an learned. Competition is the mean by which debaters improve. Only through debating against other good teams you can learn from them and get better. Also, it would be false to assume that the best people to learn from are in Austria. If you want competence you need to broaden your horizon and look abroad. This is what we do. Join the DKWien to go international and learn from the best.

Why debate at DKWien?

You can only get as good at debating as the people you learn from. At DKWien you learn from the best. DKWien is one of the internationally best connected debating societies in Europe. We host international tournaments that attract debaters from over 25 countries. We participate in about 30 international competitions a year including the European and Worlds Championships. We help spreading debating through partnerships with surrounding debating societies. We bring debating to schools in all over Austria. We host the European University Debating Championships in 2015. We are connected to the international debating community from Alaska to Australia.

If you look for competence and passion you are at the right place at DKWien. And we would be very happy to welcome you. Simply start debating.

*we would not be actual debaters, if we did not rely on the power of words to convince you, right? Lucinda David is a university debater from the Philippines.