Why Debate?


is fun. There are a million different reasons to start debating but this is the one we can all agree on.

gets you heard. Learn how to build and communicate great arguments and how to dismantle the stupid ones. If you do it right, it’s one night per week that gets you a lifetime of  better conversations, absolutly worth it!

makes a difference. An open discourse is the foundation of our democracy. The greatest threat to this good are not fake news, terrorism or some foreign power but carelessness and ignorance. That’s why DKWien tries to show it’s members and trough them many others, what a decent debate looks like and how fulfilling it is to have one. That’s also why we bring dabating to schools, to help the next generation see the real issues and not be blinded by simple catchphrases and empty promises.

challenges your ideas. Sometimes you might have to argue against your own opinion, which is the best way to see both sides of a controversy. You will always discover points that you did not think of before and get a deeper understanding of the topic.

… let’s you skip the smalltalk. You’ll meet loads of interesting people, not only from Vienna but from all over the world and you will talk to them about topics, you wouldn’t have come across otherwise. (Members of our club take part in about thirty international competitions per year, that is a really interesting way to get around.)

… develops your English conversation skills.

Convinced? Then what are you waiting for? Start debating!

Ok, so debating sounds interesting but what about the society? Why debate at DKWien?

… well, that is a different story!

Do you want to hear more about why debating is amazing? Here is what world-class debater Lucinda David thinks about it:

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