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in the Marais, between 3rd and 4rd district, Paris

“Cheating is Human, Adultery is a Virtue” Savoir Vivre Lessons from the Centrale IV 2011

3 weeks before WUDC, the Centrale IV was one of the last chances to fine tune debate skills. Christoph Jäger and Rosie Halmi competed as Vienna A together with 40 international teams in (almost) Paris on December 2nd and 3rd. With the usual suspects on the judging pool, five preliminary rounds, beer, pizza and an upscale Champs Elysée location enough reasons were provided to make it a pleasant stay. Sety Rabejaona and Milen Petkov from Erasmus A took the win on the motion THW partition Belgium.

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Vienna IV – the full story


3 days, 1 goal: debate, debate, debate!

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Colgate wins Vienna IV 2011!


The first Vienna IV has taken place: The  Winners are Austin Schwartz and Travis Steele from Team Colgate Extra White , who competed on 6th March at the Großer Festsaal of University of Vienna against Teams from Germany, Turkey and Serbia. Congratulation!
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European Continental Debating League gegründet!

Am Freitag, den 29. Oktober 2010 versammelten sich in Split, Kroatien, Delegierte der kontinental europäischen Debbattierklubs, um die European Continental Debating League zu gründen. Continue reading

Amsterdam Euros 2010

What a highlight to this year’s debating season! Debattierklub Wien participated at its very first European Universities Debating Championships (EUDC) in Amsterdam. Together with our participation at Koç Worlds and the German Championships, our people at Amsterdam Euros showed our strong commitment to international debating. Not only were we able to foster new contacts, even friendships with debaters from all over Europe, we also had a lot of fun with these new (plus all old) friends and learned a lot about debating.

EUDC 2010 Austrian delegation

The Debattierklub Wien - and as such the Austrian - delegation at Euros Amsterdam. Left to right: Leonhard Weese, Florian Prischl (together team Wien A), Sabine Rainalter (judge, Debattierclub Innsbruck), Agnieszka Bibro and Jakob Reiter (together team Wien B). Photo: Gudrun Lux

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Vienna Debating Workshop

This House Will Learn!

The best occasion to do so: The Vienna Debating Workshop and Tournament on June 12 and 13 2010.

Speaker of the House, Ladies and Gentlemen!

We, the debaters, hold this truth to be self-evident, that debating is awesome. It would be foolish not to learn, and foolish not to listen to Lio, Manos and Milan. They will endow us debaters with certain unalienable methods of learning. These are learning by studying, listening, doing and interacting.

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