Paris IV – Wine, cheese and a lot of debating!

Paris IV – Wine, cheese and a lot of debating!

I really can’t explain why so many of us Viennese people wanted to go to Paris IV. Maybe, it was because of the promised wine and cheese, the good adjudicators or just because it’s Paris. Maybe also because it is…

Once again, Cardiff IV

Lio Kaufman and Leonhard Weese represented as “Glenn Beckian Logic Applied” Debattierklub Wien at the Cardiff IV 2011. They performed well, missing the break to the finals just by a few speakerpoints. Leo has written a more detailed article published…

3. Wiener Debattierseminar

Debattieren, so hat der DK Wien befunden, kann man auch in den Ferien. Am 17. 02. 2011 veranstaltete der Debattierklub Wien daher ein Debattierseminar, das sich mit den Formaten OPD sowie BPS auseinandersetzte.

Vienna Debating Workshop

This House Will Learn! The best occasion to do so: The Vienna Debating Workshop and Tournament on June 12 and 13 2010. Speaker of the House, Ladies and Gentlemen! We, the debaters, hold this truth to be self-evident, that debating…