Start Debating

You want to start debating? Good on you! You’re not sure whether you want to start debating? Fair enough, this page is for you as well.

You are primarily looking for reasons why you should consider debating? – Our Why Debate? section will help you out.

1 Get Informed

Visiting this page is already the first step, but there is a couple of other things you can do to find out even more about DKWien and debating in general.

A- About Debating

The best way to learn about debating is to watch and participate in an actual debate.

The best way to learn about debating is to watch and participate in an actual debate.

What is debating? We can tell you that debating in its basic form means that students meet up to divide into teams of which two argue for and two argue against a given topic – called a “motion” – in alternating 7 minute speeches. However, this may still sound too dry. Thus, here a few more things you can do:

Firstly, you can check out this short Taiwan-made intro to the format. Afterwards, why not watch a competitive debate? Should atheists join atheist churches? Should Germany defend itself against economic threads (German)? Or will you take up the challenge right away with a high-class World Championship final? The internet has it all! (also check out our Debaters’ Resources Page for more HD Videos)

Secondly, and we admit this is a little bit more boring, but there are arguments for thousands of debates online, you can read them up!

Lastly, if you rather prefer armchair debating for a start with the formal rules, here they are. Yet, this should not be necessary in order to watch a debate or try it yourself, you can very well join a debate without knowing them by heart. In the end, all men and women are debaters and arguing is really something natural in human lives. Debating just puts it on a new level.

B- About DKWien

So how do you get to know us? The easiest step is to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Otherwise, this should be the part when you get up from your armchair: Join one of our events and meet us there! Everything we do is open to public and you never need to ask if you just want to drop by. You are also well-invited to participate in a debate without any prior debating experience. Here is the calendar with all the dates: XML, HTML, ICAL

C- About Activities

So, what do debaters do?

London calling! Debating tournaments get you around a lot.

London calling! Debating tournaments get you around a lot.

First, they go to tournaments a lot, and luckily we captured many of our impressions so that you can read them here. Whether it is the indefinite joy of a Road Trip to Paris, the laid back culture of Aussie Debaters in Melbourne, or that feeling of success when teams finally make it through the break at SOAS IV, London, debating means travelling and entails all the joys and odds that come with it.

Second, we prepare amongst each other for debating tournaments, e.g. when we prepped like bosses for the European Championship 2012 at the Mödling Invitational.

Third, we organise events and have people from all over the world enjoy them, check e.g. what the University of Vermont’s delegation thought about our annual tournament, the Vienna Intervarsity.

2 Get It On

A- Drop By to Debate

Vienna Debating Workshop 2010 Final government

Our regular debates usually start with a short training input, then comes the debate, and then … beer.

This is your most important step. No one ever got good at debating without starting debating in the first place. The good news: It’s pretty easy and we really do not bite. Just drop by for one of our regular session on Monday or Wednesday (Both in room TC.3.14, WU Campus, 7 p.m., In the summer holidays there are different times, check here: Summer Debate Training 2017 ). We will give you a short instruction and you can join in! Joining us is an even better idea in October. Our Road to Pro is specifically tailored for novices and goes throughout October. So come by and start!


If you have any questions just message the page on facebook, or email us at

Bei uns ist keine Anmeldung notwendig, Zuschauen immer möglich, die Teilnahme ist kostenlos!
Neulinge jederzeit willkommen alles weitere erfährst du vor Ort.

B- Join Events

There is lot more we do than debating only.

Festsaal der Universität Wien

Veinna IV brings debaters from all over the planet to Vienna each year.

If you want to get in touch with the international debating community without leaving Vienna, then join in for the organisation of one of our tournaments! Teams from over 25 nations come to Vienna each year for a high-class debating competition, the Vienna Intervarsity (VIV). This has become a really huge event where you can show off your organisational skills and make friends with people all over the world at the same time. Just write an email to if you want to join the team!

3 Get Involved

A- Become a Member

Members have access to all of DKWien’s training resources, members get to go to tournaments, members are in the first row for DKWien events. Therefore the first step in order to get more deeply involved into debating is to become a member of DKWien. The good news is: it is pretty easy. The membership fee is 10 EUR/semester  and all you need to become a member is to fill out the Mitgliedschafts-Antragsformular and bring it to one of our regular sessions. As soon as you have a signature from the executive, you are part of the crew. Here the official Debattierklub Wien Statuten (German Language), the society’s constitution that members sign up to.

From that Point on you can call yourself a DKWien debater (and the ‘For Debaters‘ section is there for you).

B- Fly Off

Tournaments are heaps of fun. This pic is from a DKCrew driving to Paris.

Tournaments are heaps of fun. This pic is from a DKCrew driving to Paris.

A vital part of DKWien activity includes flying off to tournaments all over the world, getting to see cities and meeting friendly people. If you show up to our regular debates you should have no trouble finding a teammate for these competitions. So check out the European Debating Calendar or Idebate Events for so-called “Intervarsities” (IV) or “Opens”, look up the place you want to go and JUST DO IT.

C- Join the Organisation Committees

The members’ page is your best friend – especially if you check out the Electronic Media Guide to see what else but this website we use for communication. Just join the right groups if you want to be part of one of the projects we run.