Vienna IV 2013

Vienna IV 2013 is the biggest tournament in British Parliamentary Debating held in Austria and widely known to be the most international event of this sort in Central Europe. We are proud to announce Vienna IV 2013 for  March 2013. The two previous editions of Vienna IV have attracted participants from over 45 countries, including the United States, Central and South East Asia, the Middle East, the Balkans and Western Europe. Vienna IV combines the highest quality of debating and adjudicating with magnificent sightseeing and entertaining socials. We are considered to make this event as accessible as possible and thanks to our sponsors we are able to provide the meals and the accommodation of the Vienna IV 2013 at a low registration fee.

Chief Adjudicators

Michael Shapira, Danique van Koppenhagen, Frederick Cowell


Vienna IV cooperates with Budapest Open in order to make registration easier for teams attending both tournaments. The Austro-Hungarian-Debating-Week is an additional benefit for teams who are in the region for both tournaments.

Registration can be done via: and continues until all 60 spots are filled up. The reg fee is € 40 per person, if you pay in 2012 (45€ per person in 2013) and covers food and accommodation. Early Registration is a service for those who want to book as soon as possible. Register now, get your spot confirmed, start booking! Registration Fee is non-refundable! We kindly ask you to comply with the n-1 Rule for your institution. To register, please complete the following steps: 1 – Fill in the Registration Form on this page. 2- Wait until we can confirm your spot. As every year there are many teams trying to get one of the open spots – please be patient. 3- After confirming your spot you have 3 weeks to either pay the registration fee via bank transfer OR send us a copy of your travel tickets to . If you fail to provide us with these information your spots will be released again for other teams. 4- After confirming your payment/booking, your spot is now confirmed. 5- You need to send the final names of the speakers and the teams until February 1st at the latest. It is not possible to change them afterwards. If you fail to provide these informations we will not be able to secure your spot. We apologise for that strict procedure, due to the high demand we experienced the previous years it has become necessary. However we are doing our very best to allocate spots the fairest possible manner and give each of you the possibility to participate at this fine tournament.


10.00-12.00 Workshop
12.00–13.00 Registration
14.00–18.00 Round 1 & Round 2
afterwards SOCIAL Welcome to Vienna
07.00–08:00 Breakfast
09.00–13.30 Round 3 & Round 4
13.30–14.30 LUNCH
14.30–18.00 Round 5 & Round 6
20.00– SOCIAL legendary Schnitzel Break Announcement
afterwards PARTY NIGHT
07.00–11.00 Early Bird aka Still Standing What Else Can You Show Me Tour
08.00–11.00 Best Of Vienna Tour
08:00–11:00 You DON’T know Vienna – The Special Convener Tour
09.00–11.00 Quicky Yes, I’ve Been To Vienna Tour
11.30–13.00 Semi-Finals
14.00–16.00 FINAL at University of Vienna


Enjoy your stay in Vienna at the brand new MEININGER Hotel Downtown Franz just a few minutes walking distance from the inner city! Wonderful modern 4 to 6 bed rooms with bathroom, including a feast of breakfast buffet and free WiFi in the Lobby(also available in the rooms)!


Social 1: FAMOUS SCHNITZEL & Beer It’s the great reunion! Enjoy Vienna’s fine Schnitzel (choice of pork or turkey) with fries, potatoes, rice or salad together with a cool Krügerl beer while we will all be very happy to see each other again. Of course a vegetarian alternative will also be served. Social 2: PARTY NIGHT Social 3: Sunday SIGHTSEEINGYou will come to Vienna. You will see and taste Vienna. We will provide you with a unique opportunity to see the beautiful and famous places in Vienna like no other tourist ever did! We will provide 4 special tours through Vienna – depending on your hangover and curiosity.

  • Early Bird aka Still Standing What Else Can You Show Me Tour This tour has it all – Major tourist attractions, hidden gems, insights – the whole range of Vienna
  • Best Of Vienna Tour This is the main tour – you will see Vienna and all it’s beauty.
  • NEW: You DON’T know Vienna – The Special Convener Tour You have been to Vienna? Seen all the sights? There is nothing left? – Wrong! Our Convener will take you to an insight tour with lots of stories and witty anecdotes – BUT no tourist attractions 😉
  • Quicky Yes, I’ve Been To Vienna Tour What you have to see to tell everyone: Yes, I was in Vienna! – and I will come back!


Austro Hungarian Debating Week

Vienna IV and Budapest Open 2013 (Register here) work closely together to make the experience for teams who want to attend both tournaments even better. Not only does registration start on the same day for both tournaments, teams that manage to get a slot at one tournament but not on the other will be preferred in the allocation from the wait-list. Accordingly, teams can be sure they will have slot at both tournaments if they wish so from early on. Registrations of both tournaments are working together in terms of payment also to save you transaction cost. Additionally we are planning to put up workshops in the week between the two tournaments. Check out the Austro Hungarian Debating Week Facebook Group where all the stuff that comes up will be posted stay tuned! Remember: Attending both tournaments means 11 debates in a week excl out rounds in two cities – that’s more than you would get at Worlds.


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