Vienna IV

The DKWien is proud to host the Vienna Intervarsity* (VIENNA IV), since 2011 the biggest yearly international debating tournament in Austria.

* Intervarsities (= Debating tournaments between Universities). The format is British Parlamentary Style.

Over 100 Debaters from the whole globe are traveling each year to Vienna to compete in five Outrounds for a chance to advance to the final rounds. The final rounds are traditionally in the ceremonial hall of the University of Vienna.

The (meanwhile) acclaimed VIENNA IVs are popular with the international debating scene and are attracting distinguished CAs* , experienced judges and skilled debaters every year.

*Chief adjudicators. These people are the ones who set the topics of the debates.


Websites der VIENNA IV Editionen:

Vienna IV 2011 Logo Vienna IV 2012 Logo Vienna IV 2013 Logo