The V stands for Fun: VIV13 Supporting Programme

fiennaIVsmallOf course it would be totally worth it coming to Vienna on Friday noon, enjoying VIV and flying off Sunday evening. Still Vienna is beautiful enough of a city to come earlier and stay longer, so we hope we will be able to welcome many of you a few days before the IV already and still have you on Monday. We compiled a special program for you and the good thing is: it’s designed to put even more fun into VIV.

Time Place Event Description More Info
Wed 6/3/2013
7pm University of Vienna Main Building, Room HS24 bpvivsmall Wednesday BP Debate at DKWien FB event
Thu 7/3/2013
12pm UN Headquarters, VIC unsmall Guided Tour through the UN Vienna Headquarters with Miriam FB event
7pm Tachles, Karmeliter-
thubeersmall Beer and food gathering for all those who are already there FB event
Fri 8/3/2013
8:30am Meininger Downtown Franz graveyardandzombiessmall Graveyard and Zombies Tour with Anna taking you to the most Viennese places of Vienna FB event
10am Meininger Downtown Franz CA Workshop Michael Shapira about first-person-perspective motions
1pm WU Wien END OF REG Vienna IV 2013 start Reg Update
till Sunday: Vienna IV general schedule
2pm Great Hall, University of Vienna Vienna IV 2013 Grand Final Final Ceremony and Debate FB Event
4:30pm Einstein, Rathausplatz Sunday Evening Drinks A lager or five with those who still stay a night and the OrgCom
8pm Karaoke Bar, Elisabethstraße VIV Karaoke Afterparty You haven’t lost your voice at VIV? Well, here’s to go! FB Event
Monday 11/3/2013 
10am Rochus, Landstraße VIVHangoverbrekkiesmall Post-Vienna IV Hangover Breakfast FB Event

If you join in one of these side events, please RSVP on the relevant facebook event so that we can arrange enough space for everyone!

VIV Reg Update #4: Good Times Creeping up on You

It’s that time of the year again. February is slowly passing by and the best thing about it is that VIV approaches steadily. We hope you are already looking forward to coming to Vienna. In this update we have gathered some more useful information for you so that you can prepare properly for your time in Vienna. This post will be structured as follows:

1 – Before you go: What to pack for VIV

2- Arrival: How to get about in Vienna

3- At the IV: Schedule etc.

4- Austro-Hungarian Debating Week: What to do if you are there earlier

5- Help and Assistance: Important numbers and things to find people to help you out

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On the Contingent of Burning Ambition: DKWien at WUDC Berlin 2013

Madlen joined DKWien in 2012 and after not even a year of debating she joined the DKWien Mission2Break contingent to Berlin WUDC 2013. Since the Vienna teams narrowly scraped past the break, Mission2Break was renamed into MissionToBreaknight; WUDC Berlin was a blast for everyone who had the pleasure to go there. Read Madlen’s thoughts for more information:

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The 2nd Team

Stances on the WUDC Reg Reform from an evolving society:

How preferring societies in WUDC registration on basis of a break legacy puts back the debaters that train the hardest

Stefan Zweiker, Rosie Halmi, Andreas Prischl, Jakob Reiter, Melanie Sindelar, Anna Nessmann, Andreas Villareal

Executive summary

The Reg Reform drives a painful thorn into the flesh of those debating societies who are working hard to reach their first break at WUDC (herein ‘evolving societies’). The Reg Reform that was discussed in this year’s WUDC council would make registration for evolving societies worse than it is under a random system, since it substantially diminishes the probability of getting a second team for a society that does not have a legacy of breaks. Yet, those are the societies with the most severe need for a second team. While it is clear that some sort of reform for registration is necessary, this can barely be the fair way the Council was aiming for. To solve this problem the authors suggest abandoning the arbitrary criterion of breaks in the current Reg Reform proposal. Instead the distribution of slots should reward achievements on the tab rather than breaks, to give a chance to those societies who have been steadily working their way up.
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Vienna IV Registration Update 2 as of 14/1/2013

Because in Vienna we know how to play the first fiddle, this is going to be the classiest Vienna IV ever

This article might be interesting for you if you are

(1) registered, confirmed and coming to VIV

(2) waiting for a slot for VIV

(3) from an institution has not yet paid for its slots at Vienna IV.

However, before that some good news: We have more budget than ever, VIV is going to be bigger than ever and we will have a really classy social on Friday this year, so get your fancy gear out and look forward to the most awesome VIV ever.

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Ready for the Good Times – DKWien on the Road to the World University Debating Championships in Berlin

This short post shall give you a short overview of what is coming up in the next few weeks and explain why some of our members did not get accumulate too many hours of sleep in December.

1 – Worlds University Championships in Berlin start now! This is how you stay up to date.

2 – Vienna Winter Worlds Prep. Michael Shapira gave our speeches the final touches for Berlin. Teams from as far as Mexico came.

3 – Training Debates and DKWien Knowledge Show. Why December was too short.

4 – Tilbury House IV. Just that we do not forget to mention. December started off MASSIVELY. We had two teams in the finals of Tilbury House IV Cologne

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