Fresher’s – Beginners

At the moment there is regular training. If you missed the beginner training, you can still come. After a short introduction you will be able to try debating for yourself.

The dates can be found in our calendar and our facebook page.

Fresher’s Training

There is going to be a beginners’ program starting at the beginning of next winter semester  and it’s going to be even better than last year’s.

How does it work?

At the moment there is no fixed schedule yet, but here you can find the schedule from last year to give you an idea:

Mondy, 2.October: Introductory event (German) 19:00 TC 3.10 (3rd floor)

Monday, 9. October: Start of the weekly German debate training 19:00 TC  5.14 (5th floor)

Wednesday, 11. October: Start of the weekly English debate training 19:00 TC 3.06 (3rd floor)

The whole program takes place at the WU  in the Teaching Center (TC)

Beginners Training