Fresher’s – Beginners

There is going to be a beginners course in the summer term of 2020

You can find further details here or on our facebook page under events.

Fresher’s Training

In October and November we always offer beginner´s training. If you missed the beginner´s training though, you can still join the regular training any time you want. After a short introduction and explaination of the rules you will be able to try debating for yourself.

The dates can be found in our calendar and our facebook page.

There is going to be a beginners’ program starting at the beginning of next winter semester  and it’s going to be even better than last year’s.

How does it work?

Every week we offer a training session with inputs, workshops, exercises and debated.

The beginners training will take place every week until December, afterwards intermediate training will commence. In the christmas holidays there will be no training since the building is closed.

The whole program takes place at the WU  in the Teaching Center (TC), which is the rusty building that you can reach most easily from the subway station “Krieau” of the U2.

Beginners Training