Fresher’s – Beginners

The good news:

There is going to be a beginners’ program starting with the new semester (WS2017/18) and it’s going to be even better than last year’s. We revised our training-program and added new techniques and new insights that our members picked up at the Trainers Workshop of the Idea Debate Exchange 2017 in Finland.

Starting dates:

Mondy, 2.October: Introductory event (German) 19:00 TC 3.10 (3rd floor)

Monday, 9. October: Start of the weekly German debate training 19:00 TC  5.14 (5th floor)

Wednesday, 11. October: Start of the weekly English debate training 19:00 TC 3.06 (3rd floor)

The whole program takes place at the WU  in the Teaching Center (TC)

Further information on the beginners’ program and learning resources are going to be added to this page in the next few weeks!

Beginners Training