Vienna IV 2014 Registration FAQ

Who do I contact if I have other specific questions that are not covered within these FAQ?

For any specific information not covered in the FAQ feel free to send an e-mail to: viv@debattierklubwien.at

Will it increase my chances of securing a spot in the tournament if I sign up multiple times for one institution?

We urge everyone to sign up collectively and only once per institution. We will only count the first sign-up. So any further sign-ups will just be ignored and won’t increase your chances on a spot.

Where do I send the registration fee?

Send all registration fees to the following account:

Amount: xxx Euros (50€ per person)

Account holder: Debattierklub Wien


IBAN: AT311420020010888019

Reference: Vienna IV14 – Regfee – “Your institution/Your country“


Additional Information (if required):


“Debattierklub Wien” (legal name)

Diepoldplatz 10 (street)

1170 Wien (zipcode+city)

Austria (country)


Bank information:

“Easybank AG” (name)

Quellenstraße 51-55 (street)

1100 Wien (zipcode+city)

Austria (country)

Important note: When transferring the regfee you must include the name of your institution and country in English language. Otherwise we might have problems matching your payment to your institution. Any possible transaction fees have to be covered by the participants.

Do you guys provide crash?

We are unfortunately unable to provide organised crash, but Hotel is included for the Friday and the Saturday of the tournament.

What if I arrive early/ stay late? Will you book me a room at the hotel?

Sorry, we do not book any additional nights for our participants, but we will shortly provide you with a list of recommended hotels and hostels to stay at.

When should I arrive in Vienna? When does the tournament end?

You should arrive in Vienna in the morning of March 7th, 2014. First round will start at 2pm so make sure you will be on location no later than 1pm. The tournament will end on Sunday at around 4pm.

When will the exact schedule be published?

Schedules and location maps and any further information will be provided a few weeks prior to the tournament to all participants.

Is there an institution cap?

You may register up to 3 teams, however the number of teamspots allocated to you will depend on the total number of teams that have signed up.

What is the team cap?

The team cap will be 100 teams.

How much is the registration fee and what does it cover?

Registration fee is 50 Euros per person. That means, a judge pays 50 Euros and a team pays 100 Euros. Included in this registration fee are two nights at the hotel (friday and saturday night), lots of food and socials. Like last year we will sell reduced tickets for the public transportation system for Vienna.

Do I have to send an adjudicator?

N-1 rule applies, you may apply for additional adjudicator spots.

What happens if I come late for a round?

Late-comers will have to unfortunately be cut from the tab without exceptions.

What if I need a visa to come to Austria?

All EU-citizens do not require a visa, if one needed, please tick the box within the registration form and e-mail us at viv@debattierklubwien.at to receive an invitation letter.