1. Makes you persuasive
  2. Trains your mind and logical thinking
  3. Connects you internationally

Debaters learn to:

•  convey complex arguments in simple words
•  understand controverse topics about society, economics, governance, culture etc.
•  comunnicate in a more efficient way
•  be part of a team in honest sportsmanship

A debate is a pro & contra discussion that follows a faxed set of rules. The speakers have a limited time to speak during which they may not be interrupted and both sides present their arguments alternating in response to each other. The format makes sure speakers engage with each others’ arguments. The limited time teaches them to focus their arguments on the points where they are most efficient. As consequence debating is a fun and very efficient technique to train logical argumentation as well as presentation skills.

Internationally, Debating is a University Sport with tournaments and tough competition. The competition is a mean for us to get better. This is why DKWien regularly attends international tournaments to compete with the best of the best.