Vienna IV 2014 Surrounding Programme



Warning: If you were planning on coming to Vienna to be bored, do not read this article. 

The 2014 Surrounding Programme

As a Vienna IV tradition we prefer to extend the joy of debating beyond the actual tournament. Also we think, seven days of activities should easily fit into a three day tournament. Hence, the 2014 surrounding programme features 7 days of socials, an extra debate and some great opportunities for you to see Vienna. If you’re in Vienna for Vienna IV you are very much invited to join in to the events, find more information about them in the respective Facebook Event.

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The Schedule



VIV Week Ice-Skating with DKWien

You know these slippery slope arguments? Here is where you learn to stand your ground against them.

Time and place: 11:00-13:00, Wiener Eistraum, Rathausplatz (U2 Rathaus)

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VIV Week Art with Elli Part I

DKWien is privileged to have its own art specialist. In #VIVWeek that's your benefit. Elli will guide you through one of the most important art collections of Vienna - the Leopoldmusem. If you like art, this is a must.

Time and place: 15:00-17:00, Leopoldmuseum (U2 Museumsquartier)

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VIV Week Wednesday Debate

The warm up round for Vienna IV at DKWien's regular Wednesday Session. Expect a tough debate and top adjudication.

Time and place: 18:45, TC.4.14 WU Wien, afterwards social at Campus.

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VIV Week Guided Tour through the UN Offices Vienna

What is the best prep for any IR Motions? A tour through the UN offices by a debater, our fabulous Miriam - Join in!

Time and place: 13:45-15:00, Vienna International Centre (U1)

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VIV Week Art with Elli - Part II

See works by Rubens, Rembrandt, Raffael, Velázquez, Tizian and Dürer in one of Austria's largest and indeed one of the world's most famous art collections, the Kunsthistorisches Museum. Elli will guide you through the building and make sure you grasp the best of it.

Time and place: 16:00-18:00, Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien

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night owls

VIV Early Birds Meet Night Owls

Why wouldn't you have a good time one day before VIV. This social is for those who came early for VIV and stay long for socials. It will start early and last long.

Time and place: 19:00, Hammonds, 2nd District

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Friday - Tournament Day


From 09:00 Registration at WU Wien

13:00 Opening ceremony

afterwards rounds.

Saturday - Tournament Day


08:00 Last transfer from Meininger to WU

09:00 Round 3 at WU

Sunday - Tournament Day


08:30 Quarter Finals at Universität Wien

11:00 Semi Finals

14:00 Grand Final and Final Ceremony.


The Beer After VIV

If you don't fly home after the final you have a beer with the Org Com. It's as easy as that.

Time and place: 16:00, Einstein

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Post-VIV14 Lose Your Voice Party

The unofficial highlight of Vienna IV, the extra dose of fun. Torture your vocal cords until they hurt properly. Laugh until you can't feel the muscles in your face anymore and have a good time as if you don't have to get up early the next day. Enjoy!

Time and place: 19:00, Karaoke Sing Your Song, Eschenbachstraße

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Post VIV Hangover Brekkie

If everything went right, you did not get much sleep that weekend. Also, your liver is properly exhausted. There is only one thing that can really help you in this situation. Proper breakfast as Viennese people have it.

Time and place: 10:30, Rochus, Wien Landstraße

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DKWien. The K stands for Crazy.

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