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[:en]Freshers Training [:de]Freshers Training – Einsteigerkurs[:]

[:en]You have heard there is a debating club in town, but aren’t yet sure what it is all about? You imagine a round table, and people chatting about a variety of topics over a glass of wine? Or possibly, you already know what you can expect, and are ready to start your debating life.

Either way, Debattierklub Wien, Vienna’s most competitive debating club, holds a range of beginner seminars this winter semester. Our experienced members and trainers will introduce you to the world of debating and everything you need in order to participate in a debate.

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Summer Debate Training 2017

Join us this Summer

Even in Summer the Debattierklub Wien continues its Training.  There will be Training Debates for all interested on Wednesday. Additionally there will be special Training for the people going to EUDC 2017 (European Championships).

During the summer holidays there will be no German Training on Mondays. You can find us Wednesdays at the WU, room 3.06 or 3.07 at 18:00.
Since there might be less attendance in the holidays as some people are on holidays or at tournaments, make sure to check our facebook page first to be certain that the Training is taking place this week:

Hope to see you on Wednesday! 🙂

Busy Week Ahead – Last Week of November at DKWien

Winter comes and can be tough on health. Debating is the best vaccine against poor argumentation these month, so make sure you get your shot at our training sessions.

Winter comes and can be tough on health. Debating is the best vaccine against poor argumentation these months, so make sure you get your shot at our training sessions.

Upcoming week will be a little bit more busy than usual for DKWien. On the one hand we have some extra events additional to our normal sessions, on the other hand there is a number of teams heading out to no less than four tournaments. Here is a short overview for you to stay informed.

Become a member!

First, we want to remind you that the best way to keep track of everything that happens at DKWien is being part of the DKWien crowd. So, if you are there regularly, we very much encourage you to become a member (as in the formal sense). For officially becoming part of the crowd it really doesn’t matter how often you come, how long you will be staying in Vienna, how long you plan to be part of regular debates, whether you are member at other societies, whether your favourite colour is red or not – just email or message Elisabeth and she will be very happy to send you the magical form that grants you entry to the world of DKWien with all its benefits. Membership fee is only 10 EUR per semester (which we need in order to set up cool stuff), and the best thing about becoming a member is that Elli will add you to the Members’ Group on facebook – so you won’t need to rely on articles like this anymore to stay up-to-date!

So what’s up this week?

Monday. As usual German Training kicks off the week at DKWien – drop by at 7pm in SEM 43, Juridicum to be part of it!

Tuesday. Argument junkies, here is your extra dose! Since there are so many people going to tournaments these weeks, we put up an extra training debate at 7:30pm in HS 48, University of Vienna. Debate slots are already full, but judges are still very much invited to come! They will receive excellent training by Andreas Prischl, who is a multiple breaking adjudicator. Facebook Event

Wednesday – 1. Our German Debating Crew will match against a team from the AFA Vienna in the ‘Wiener Derby’. The AFA is another Viennese Debating society that mainly focuses on  German speaking OPD debates. Of course we hope that our mixed crew of freshers and pros will perform superbly. The debate will be held in German in a 3 VS 3 format. If you want to watch the battle live, be at the AFA Headquarters at Stallburg at 7pm and support our team as strongly as you can! Facebook Event

Wednesday – 2. Wednesday is BP Debating day and nothing can change this. This week’s Wednesday Training will be led by EUDC breaking debater Christoph Jäger, who will deliver an input on economics. We start at 7pm (sharp) in 4.14 as usual, and there will be parallel pro-am debates. The only real difference this week is that Stefan won’t be able to practice his terrible handwriting on the Smart Board, since he’s already off to Cork. Yet this will hardly impact your training negatively.

Due to the absence of several Vienna EUDC crew (namely Jakob, Gwen, Andreas, Stefan), there will not be a Vienna EUDC meeting before the session. Vienna EUDC meetings resume 4/12/2013 at 5:30pm. However, there is still an important reason for you to come early. There will be a Vienna IV Org Com meeting at 5:45pm and everyone is very invited to take part!

Weekend: DKWien on Tournaments

Germany. Lisa and Christoph are going to represent us at the Schröter Cup in Berlin on Saturday. We hope that they will be able to show the German Freshers where the Bartl gets the Cider (as we tend to say in Austria “Wo der Bartl den Most holt”).

The Netherlands. Our legionaries Richard and Callum are off to Utrecht on the weekend to rock the tab at UCU Open for DKWien.

Ireland. As hinted above, we send teams to Cork. Andreas and Stefan will represent us at the Cork Invitational on Thursday, Madlen will join them for the Cork IV on Saturday and Friday.

Plan for October: Getting started into a new Semester


The Road To Pro takes novices on the hand and trains them up to their first competition, the Vienna Freshers’

Heaps of new stuff coming up in the next few weeks!

1-  DKWien seeks new members. With our presence at the Uni Leben fair and the Einführungsveranstaltung we want as many new members as possible.

2- The Road to Pro Program guides novices from their first speech towards their first tournament within 5 weeks. The highlight is the novice tournament Vienna Freshers’ from 10-11 November.

3- Of course our weekly OPD and BP Training is on again! OPD has been moved to Tuesdays and is now at Juridicum in SEM 41, 7pm. Wednesday stays BP focussed and we meet at HS16 at Uni Wien.

4- Additionally our training schedule includes high class training on Mondays. Planned is a skype debate and a sophisticated adjudication training in form of a debate analysis.

5-  There will be even more news coming up throughout November and December, but most importantly you better save the dates 21st and 22nd of December when the Vienna Winter Worlds Prep is on.

For more information have a look at the detailed schedule below.

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