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Budapest Open 2012

The Budapest Open from the 1. to the 4. March, 2013 was (almost) the first official British parliamentary debate tournament taking place in Hungary. As a cooperation between students and debate societies from the Central European University and Corvinus University of Budapest it attracted total of 48 teams debated in 4 preliminary rounds to break to semi-finals.

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Berlin wins the Vienna IV 2012

From March 9 to 11 Debattierklub Wien hosted the Vienna IV for the second time since it’s inception. 50 teams competed in 6 British Parliamentary rounds on Friday and Saturday. The tournament was chief adjudicated by Maja Cimerman, Mark Manson and Michael Shapira. The Semi and Final debates were held in the festive location of the University of Vienna on Sunday March 11.

Patrick Ehmann and John Tomas Eltringham from Berlin A won the Vienna IV speaking from closing proposition on the motion “Given the technology for a full-term pregnancy in an incubator, THB humanity should seek to abolish natural pregnancy”. Berlin A defeated on a 3 to 4 split decision Lukas Haffert and Veronique Lorenz from Tilbury House B; Fabian Farkas and Lyuba Ilieva from Tilbury House East and Arielle Dundas and Tomas Beerthuis from the University of Utrecht. Congratulations to Partick Ehmann for topping the tab.

Patrick Ehmann, John-Thomas Eltringham, (Berlin A) Lukas Haffert, Veronique Lorenz (Tilbury House B), Tomas Beerthuis, Arielle Dundas (Utrecht He's Just Not That Into Her), Fabian Farkas, Lyuba Ilieva (Tilbury House East)John-Thomas Eltringham, Patrick Ehmann,  (Berlin A) Lukas Haffert, Veronique Lorenz (Tilbury House B), Tomas Beerthuis, Arielle Dundas (Utrecht He’s Just Not That Into Her), Lyuba Ilieva, Fabian Farkas (Tilbury House East) [from left to right]

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Debattieren, Flanieren, Philosophieren – Die ZEIT Debatte Hamburg 2012

Vom 13.1.2012 bis 15.01.2012 fand in Hamburg die erste ZEIT DEBATTE des Jahres statt. Der Debattierclub Hamburg e.V. lud gemeinsam mit dem Debattierclub Kiel zum Turnier, das nach Regeln der Offenen Parlamentarischen Debatte (OPD) ausgetragen wurde. Für den Debattierklub Wien traten Philipp Deutsch, Andreas Prischl und Jakob Reiter als die „Wiener Gschichtldrucker“ und Karoline Lutz als Jurorin an. Das Turnier glänzte mit einer perfekten Organisation, gutem Essen und engagierten Helfern. Unser Dank gilt den DC Hamburg und Kiel sowie ihren vielen motivierten Helfern! Herzlichen Glückwunsch an Wiebke Nadler, Marion Seiche und Tom-Michael Hesse, die für den DC Heidelberg den Sieg holten! Zum besten Finalredner wählte die Ehrenjury Florian Umscheid. Continue reading

Dropping by in South East Asia: Singapore Debate Open 2011

Singapore Debate Open took place in the small capitalist police state from December 14th to 16th. The tournament was well organised and attracted a high class adjudication core. Let’s better not talk about the rest though. The author decided to show pictures instead. Continue reading

in the Marais, between 3rd and 4rd district, Paris

“Cheating is Human, Adultery is a Virtue” Savoir Vivre Lessons from the Centrale IV 2011

3 weeks before WUDC, the Centrale IV was one of the last chances to fine tune debate skills. Christoph Jäger and Rosie Halmi competed as Vienna A together with 40 international teams in (almost) Paris on December 2nd and 3rd. With the usual suspects on the judging pool, five preliminary rounds, beer, pizza and an upscale Champs Elysée location enough reasons were provided to make it a pleasant stay. Sety Rabejaona and Milen Petkov from Erasmus A took the win on the motion THW partition Belgium.

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100% Pure Debating. Insights from Sydney.

Stefan Zweiker, our ‘DK-southern hemisphere export’  lived, studied, debated and surfed in Sydney for half a year. He joined not only the Sydney Mini from 9th to 11th Dec 2011, but also, as he was for some time resident, a debating society that is nowadays known for topping the tabs wherever possible. Read his thoughts which shortly deal with the tournament and then reveal deeper insights about debating as a Sydneysider.

Sydney does not only have a beautiful harbour, a bridge, lots of beaches and an Opera House. In terms of debating the University of Sydney Union defines the worldwide standard of excellence.

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