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Plan for October: Getting started into a new Semester


The Road To Pro takes novices on the hand and trains them up to their first competition, the Vienna Freshers’

Heaps of new stuff coming up in the next few weeks!

1-  DKWien seeks new members. With our presence at the Uni Leben fair and the Einführungsveranstaltung we want as many new members as possible.

2- The Road to Pro Program guides novices from their first speech towards their first tournament within 5 weeks. The highlight is the novice tournament Vienna Freshers’ from 10-11 November.

3- Of course our weekly OPD and BP Training is on again! OPD has been moved to Tuesdays and is now at Juridicum in SEM 41, 7pm. Wednesday stays BP focussed and we meet at HS16 at Uni Wien.

4- Additionally our training schedule includes high class training on Mondays. Planned is a skype debate and a sophisticated adjudication training in form of a debate analysis.

5-  There will be even more news coming up throughout November and December, but most importantly you better save the dates 21st and 22nd of December when the Vienna Winter Worlds Prep is on.

For more information have a look at the detailed schedule below.

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Debattieren – Einführungsveranstaltung

DKWien wants you!
Der gesellige Haufen Studenten, der sich ganz der Debatte verschrieben hat, sucht neue Mitglieder. Jeder, der gerne lernen will schlagkräftig zu argumentieren, ist herzlich willkommen.

Keine Ahnung worum’s bei Debatte geht? Kein Problem, am besten am 8. Oktober vorbeischauen. Diese Einführungslektion ist speziell für Einsteiger und Leute gedacht, die einfach einmal mehr über das Debattieren erfahren wollen. Wir erzählen euch alles, was ihr über den DKWien, Debatte, Turniere etc. wissen wollt. Schaut vorbei!

Event Details:
Montag 8. Okt. 19:00
HS 2.28 (C) Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien

Facebook Event


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Euros Prep – Like a Boss. The Mödling Invitational.

The Mödling Invitational was the final preparation one week before the European Championships

The Prischls invited the DKWien crowd to Mödling to prep for Euros on a hot July Summer weekend (28-29 July 2012). On the one hand it was the best possible preparation ever, on the other there was just a hell lot of fun involved. Both things were not too bad actually. Still the author will try to paint a hard and unpleasant picture of the weekend just to stress how really, really, really hard we prepped.

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Cold shivers in hot Belgrade – EUDC 2012

This is not a review of the fantastic job the Belgrade EUDC 2012 OrgCom from Open Communication or its Adjudication team did, or about the challenging motions and thrilling debates. It neither is a treatise of the gratitude and sympathy I feel towards my team partner. It is a very personal account of what cold shivers I experienced in hot Belgrade when I realised what debating means to the people of Belgrade and Serbia and what this teaches me.

Arrival in Belgrade at memories of a grim past

My first formidable impression of Belgrade after leaving the airport upon arrival was a wall of heat. Yet my love neither for summer nor for cool drinks could prepare me for what cold sensations I would soon feel, but first things first. My next major two impressions woke memories from a bitter past. The road from the airport to the city centre passed a building that was hit by an air strike in 1999, still cutting it in half. The second was a protest march claiming its right of way on the streets. Belgraders obviously cared sufficiently to stand up against recent changes to the public transport system, claiming they were an unfairly heavy burden on poor commuters and a profit only for corrupt officials. The police discreetly escorted the march, protecting its citizens’ right to express their opinion and dissent with their government. Not long ago, that had been very different.

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Two Slices Of Great British Summer: The Imperial IV and The SOAS Open

Not that we wouldn’t hold up the Olympic spirit. Just as long as debating isn’t Olympic, we rather go there for other reasons.

Is this about the Olympics? Sure not. Maybe about this is about the weather? No, otherwise we wouldn’t use the word “great”. So maybe this article is about debating again? Yep. A couple of DKWien athletes headed to London for the Imperial IV and the SOAS Open. They had a look on how Londoners prep for Euros with the author putting special focus on the local pizza service.

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Take A Closer Look At Our EUDC Belgrade Teams!

Just a few more days until European University Debate Championship 2012 will be kicking off in Belgrade. We are really proud to be sending a fine delegation. 3 EUDC Belgrade Teams and 2 adjudicators are ready to put an eloquent fight, no matter how much Rakia it takes.

Click on their pictures to take a closer look at Andreas, Miriam, Melanie, Stefan, Christoph, Agnieszka, Sabine and Jakob.

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