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On the Contingent of Burning Ambition: DKWien at WUDC Berlin 2013

Madlen joined DKWien in 2012 and after not even a year of debating she joined the DKWien Mission2Break contingent to Berlin WUDC 2013. Since the Vienna teams narrowly scraped past the break, Mission2Break was renamed into MissionToBreaknight; WUDC Berlin was a blast for everyone who had the pleasure to go there. Read Madlen’s thoughts for more information:

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The 2nd Team

Stances on the WUDC Reg Reform from an evolving society:

How preferring societies in WUDC registration on basis of a break legacy puts back the debaters that train the hardest

Stefan Zweiker, Rosie Halmi, Andreas Prischl, Jakob Reiter, Melanie Sindelar, Anna Nessmann, Andreas Villareal

Executive summary

The Reg Reform drives a painful thorn into the flesh of those debating societies who are working hard to reach their first break at WUDC (herein ‘evolving societies’). The Reg Reform that was discussed in this year’s WUDC council would make registration for evolving societies worse than it is under a random system, since it substantially diminishes the probability of getting a second team for a society that does not have a legacy of breaks. Yet, those are the societies with the most severe need for a second team. While it is clear that some sort of reform for registration is necessary, this can barely be the fair way the Council was aiming for. To solve this problem the authors suggest abandoning the arbitrary criterion of breaks in the current Reg Reform proposal. Instead the distribution of slots should reward achievements on the tab rather than breaks, to give a chance to those societies who have been steadily working their way up.
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Vienna IV Registration Update 2 as of 14/1/2013

Because in Vienna we know how to play the first fiddle, this is going to be the classiest Vienna IV ever

This article might be interesting for you if you are

(1) registered, confirmed and coming to VIV

(2) waiting for a slot for VIV

(3) from an institution has not yet paid for its slots at Vienna IV.

However, before that some good news: We have more budget than ever, VIV is going to be bigger than ever and we will have a really classy social on Friday this year, so get your fancy gear out and look forward to the most awesome VIV ever.

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Ready for the Good Times – DKWien on the Road to the World University Debating Championships in Berlin

This short post shall give you a short overview of what is coming up in the next few weeks and explain why some of our members did not get accumulate too many hours of sleep in December.

1 – Worlds University Championships in Berlin start now! This is how you stay up to date.

2 – Vienna Winter Worlds Prep. Michael Shapira gave our speeches the final touches for Berlin. Teams from as far as Mexico came.

3 – Training Debates and DKWien Knowledge Show. Why December was too short.

4 – Tilbury House IV. Just that we do not forget to mention. December started off MASSIVELY. We had two teams in the finals of Tilbury House IV Cologne

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Vienna Winter Worlds Prep – All the Info You Need

One week left until the Vienna Winter Worlds Prep with WUDC Champion Michael Shapira kicks off on the 21st of December.

VWWP includes two workshops and at least 6 rounds of debating. Given that the number of teams will be either 8 or 12, there will be no separate final, instead all teams shall enjoy the pleasure of  6 rounds of BP debating with 7 min speeches. Motions will be set by CA Michael Shapira, who will be assisted by the finest domestic adj-core Vienna has to offer.

Additionally, as this is Christmas time and we’re in Vienna, we planned some Punsch socials and Christmas market flair.

1 Registration (International, Domestic & Adjudicators)

2 Schedule

3 Venues

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VIV Registration Update 1


Heya’ll, We hope you are already stoked that Vienna IV will be coming up in almost excactly 4 month already! This is a short update on Registration. We hope we can clarify a few things and answer some frequently asked questions with this. This post is structured as follows:

A. Clarifications regarding communication  when it comes to registration


C. List of confirmed institutions

D. List of registered institutions which haven’t paid yet

E. Wait list

The lists are published as of 6/12/2012, please be aware that they will be outdated quickly. Official communication is via Email.

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