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Vienna Freshers’ 2013 – Start off your debating life!

In November 2013, Debattierklub Wien will host the second edition of its novice tournament, Vienna Freshers’ 2013. This two-day tournament will introduce new university-level debaters to the world of competitive tournaments. Our Chief Adjudicators a.k.a. Chief Aviators Melanie Sindelar and Senna Maatoug will lead the flying lessons. If you can already feel the urge to kiss to sky, it is time to book your flight with DKWien Air!

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Ist Lobbyismus in der EU Betrug am Bürger? Der DKWien lud zur ersten öffentlichen “Oxford Debate” in Österreich

English version below!

Europa Debatte an der Uni Wien: Ist Lobbying Betrug am Bürger?Mit dem europaweiten Programm „Debate changing Europe“ fördern die International Debate Education Association (IDEA) und Youth in Action (YiA) die Verbreitung der Debatte als Form der gesellschaftlichen Auseinandersetzung. Welche bessere Gelegenheit könnte sich dafür bieten als der „Europa-Medien-Demokratie Kongress“? vom 17. bis 19. Juni, in dem in Wien 150 Schüler und Schülerinnen aus ganz Österreich ihre Kompetenz in demokratiepolitischen Fragen und im Umgang mit Medien im Hinblick auf die Europäische Parlamentswahl 2014 stärken? Der Debattierklub Wien unterstützt den Kongress und übte mit mehreren DKWien-Mitgliedern am 18. Juni tagsüber gemeinsam mit einigen Dutzend der jungen KongressteilnehmerInnen in mehreren Workshops Argumentation und Rhetorik. Abseits des EMDK rief der DKWien am Abend in der Universität Wien zur öffentlichen Debatte über die Frage „Ist Lobbyismus Betrug am Bürger?“ und dazu auf, Praktiken des Lobbying in der EU kritisch zu hinterfragen.

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Öffentliche Europa-Debatte: Ist Lobbying Betrug am Bürger?


Ist Lobbying Betrug am Bürger? Hilft es die Politik zu verbessern, oder verzerrt es die Demokratie? Zu dieser Fragestellung lädt der Debattierklub Wien zur öffentlichen Debatte im Stile der Oxford Union mit Dr. Andrea Kdolsky und Friedrich Moser als Gastrednern ein.

Zeit und Ort: Universität Wien, Hörsaal 23, 20:00 Uhr

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Vienna Mini 2013

Vienna Mini is not more and not less than the cherry on the cake of the debating year! Join us for 4 rounds of debating that just make your summer better!


28 June at 17:00 until 29 June at 18:00


Australian debaters call their BP tournaments Minis. Afterwards they usually win Worlds. So do you get where we got the idea from?

Australian debaters call their BP tournaments Minis. Afterwards they usually win Worlds. So do you get where we got the idea from?

You expect those Vienna People to come up with something really big and massive, when they announce a summer tournament and all what you get is something called ‘Mini’? Like, seriously?

My dear friend, life should have taught you that size is not all that matters. Sometimes the pleasure sprouts from the tiny things, just look what Vienna Mini does for you: If you’ve been focussing too much on your exams recently, Vienna Mini cleans off the rust from your debating skills. If debating is your staff of life,these four rounds and the final are the cherry on the cake of your successful debating year.

Besides that, there is more to the ‘Mini’ than the fluffy name might suggest. The region’s finest adj core will judge you so fairly that you will automatically wish you had been more genuine in choosing your looks for the Friday evening Schnitzelessen at SV. So, despite the laid back athmosphere which DKWien loveliness is going to create for you, expect a healthy dose of tough competition for the four slots in the final on Saturday arvo.

After the winner is decided, it’s time to let out the joy that the semester is over. This is when things at Vienna Mini will be really going off. The Saturday night Social is powered by Stefan’s legendary Australs Night and everyone from the gets-to-sleep-at-7pm-hardcore-debaters to the social-surfers at DKWien knows that the Austral Night is among socials what the Great White is among the sharks of the Tasman Sea. Party and barbie will be on till early morning sunlight dips Vienna into a nice summery tint of orange.

If you found a better way to have a good time at the end of the semester, that’s fine, we’ll get over it (why do you not love us anymore? :-((( ). Otherwise, register here:
Individual speakers will be matched up in teams if they do not indicate a preference. The reg fee is 10 EUR (15 for non-DKWien members) and will be entirely spent on drinks to make Vienna Mini even more fun. Your reg fee drops to a mere 5 EUR if you have never spoken or judged at a tournament before.

CA: Radu Cotarcea
4 Rounds, 7min Speeches.
Start: Fri 5pm, meet in SR 5.47 (C) at WU
End of tournament: Sat 5:30pm
Afterwards: Australs Night at Stefan’s place

Arguing with friends – DKWien’s Euros and Worlds 2013/2014 Trials


DKWien Trailees at WU Wien

DKWien Trialees at WU Wien

One of the testimonies to Debattierklub Wien’s continual expansion was the high number of contestants that applied for speaking or judging at this year’s European Championship (EUDC) in Manchester and World Championship (WUDC) in Chennai. Same as for Belgrade Euros last year, we therefore needed an internal tournament to select our Euros and Worlds contingents. Thus DKW called for aid, and Harish Natarajan (current EUDC champion and Worlds 2014 CA) and Christine Simpson (EUDC finalist, Worlds semi-finalist and multiple CA) answered the call and joined us for the trials weekend from May 24th to 26th.

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We’ll be back – Stockholm IV 2013

Sweden is definitely to be reckoned with in debating. If SSE breaking 2nd at Vienna IV 2012 should not be evidence enough, Lund graciously won this year’s Jacobs Open in Bremen in April. And now they have proven that they are most apt too in converting their renowned hospitality into a great tournament, the Stockholm IV 2013, from May 10th to 12th 2013. Read Andreas Prischl’s report on a most enjoyable tournament.

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