Historical success at the World Championships 2018 in Mexico City

DKWien is celebrating a big success story in it’s history: 

For the first time  an Austrian team made it into the Top Ten best teams at the World Championships in Debating 2018 in Mexico City. Melanie Sindelar and Dariusch Klett broke as the 8th best team in the English as a second language (ESL) category and therefore entered the quarterfinals. In total, 16 teams can make it into the ESL quarterfinals. Some ESL teams decided to compete in the native category, and therefore gave up their spots in the ESL break. Nevertheless, even if they are counted to the total ESL ranking, DKWien has scored the 15th place and would have therefore been included in the break either way, despite even fiercer competition. 

Dariusch Klett furthermore landed the 6th best speaker award in the category EFL (English as a foreign language). In the total speaker ranking, Melanie Sindelar remains the best speaker from Austria. 

Hearty Congratulations to the team!

Vienna A: Melanie Sindelar & Dariusch Klett

The whole DKWien Contingent for Mexico Worlds 2018





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