Freshers Training

You have heard there is a debating club in town, but aren’t yet sure what it is all about? You imagine a round table, and people chatting about a variety of topics over a glass of wine? Or possibly, you already know what you can expect, and are ready to start your debating life.

Either way, Debattierklub Wien, Vienna’s most competitive debating club, holds a range of beginner seminars this winter semester (2017/18). Our experienced members and trainers will introduce you to the world of debating and everything you need in order to participate in a debate.

At Debattierklub Wien, you will learn how to deliver logical and structured speeches, as well as formulate arguments under time-pressure for either sides of a topic. Furthermore you will learn how to effectively engage with and refute the other side’s arguments.

Besides the more obvious skills you can develop while debating, there are other benefits to it too. Check this list for more.

Ready… set… go!

Our trainings take place Mondays (from 9th October 2017) and Wednesdays (from 11th October 2017). On Mondays we debate in German, on Wednesdays debates are being held in English. The programm is geared towards offering you an easy start into the game of debating, and will help you to practice debating in an effective environment. After successful completion of the programm you are qualified to participate in a Fresher’s tournament which the club is hosting.

If you would like to gain a first impression, please feel free to drop by to our show debate and introductory session on Monday 2nd of October at 7 pm.

Hooked? See you at DKWien! All trainings start at 7 pm at the WU Campus in the Teaching Center (“TC”, the first building on your right if you enter the campus coming from Krieau underground station).

Show debate: 19:00 TC 3.10 (3rd floor)

Monday training: 19:00 TC 5.14 (5th floor)

Wednesday training: 19:00 TC 3.06 (3rd floor)

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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